Lindsey Graham’s Riot Threat Proves Biden’s ‘Semi-Fascism’ Remark

Seems as though Joe Biden has motivation to thank previous companion Sen. Lindsey Graham: He made the president’s statement about Republicans who follow Donald Trump.

Last Thursday, during a raising money occasion, Biden said that the MAGA development and its advancement of tyranny was essentially “semi-despotism.”

“I underrated how much harm the past four years had done regarding America’s standing on the planet,” the president said, prior to communicating trust things could be switched.

Biden got numerous individuals from the GOP all worked up, like New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R), who, on Sunday, requested the president apologize for “attempting to work up this enemy of Republican feeling just before the political decision.”

Be that as it may, Biden got some inadvertent help from Graham, his previous companion turned-Trump-doormat.

The South Carolina Republican aided Biden’s objective by unfavorably compromising “riots in the roads” in the event that Trump is prosecuted for taking ordered records to Mar-a-Lago.

On Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Graham’s remarks on Sunday made the statement Biden said a week ago.

“We have seen MAGA Republicans assault our majority rule government,” she said. “We have seen MAGA Republicans remove our privileges. Convey intimidations of brutality, including this end of the week, and that is the very thing that the president was alluding to when all of you got some information about the ‘semi-dictatorship’ remark.” You can see her remarks underneath.

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