‘Loving Father’ Who Dreamed of Owning Barbershop Is Killed in Home Invasion, 2 of 3 Suspects at Large

A 26-year-old Texas father who was examining to turn into a hairdresser was killed in a fierce home attack and police have captured only one of the three suspects who supposedly ran away from the area that evening. On Jan. 3 at 11:17 p.m., Rashawn Jones of School Station was shot and killed in a “designated home attack,” the School Station Police Division said in a proclamation.

Specialists don’t yet have any idea what the thought process was.

Surveillance camera film shows three covered men conveying guns thumping on Jones’ entryway at the Turnpike Circle Lofts on Southwest Expressway, the assertion says.

The threesome “constrained section into the entryway which brought about a shooting,” it says.

On Jan. 5, police put out a “Be Watching out” alert for the three suspects.

On Tuesday, police gave a homicide warrant for Censear Solomon, 17, who they said “is thought of as outfitted and risky.”

At 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, police declared they had arrested Solomon.

As police keep on looking for the other two suspects, Jones’ family is grieving his misfortune.

In a GoFundMe put in a position to assist with settling burial service costs, Michelle Ayala depicted Jones as “a caring dad, brother, and child.

Jones was going to the Cutting edge Stylist and Excellence Foundation, she composed, and had “big fantasies about possessing his own business.”

He was preparing to graduate and turn into an expert stylist when he was killed, KBTX reports.

“At the point when I heard what I had caught wind of him, I attempted to call him,” his companion Edward Estepney told KBTX.

“I thought it was phony and could barely handle it and attempted to call him three or multiple times, and no response.”

Jones’ instructor, Jessica De La Cruz, portrayed him as a model understudy.

“He came in on time, he finished the tasks on time, he was continuously chipping in his time his energy, consistently certain,” she told KBTX.

The Cutting edge Stylist and Excellence Foundation will respect Jones at their next graduation function, the power source reports.

It is hazy whether Solomon has held a lawyer who can talk for his benefit.

Anybody with data is approached to call 979-764-3600.

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