Lupillo Rivera kids: All about the singer’s family amid mother-in-law and ex drama

Lupillo Rivera as of late released an expression of remorse to his children and previous accomplice Mayeli Alonso. He shared a proclamation on his web-based entertainment accounts with respect to the claim among Alonso and his ongoing spouse Giselle Soto’s mom. The assertion read as follows:

“I need to apologize to my youngsters and to the mother of my kids Since commonly what is said or believed is outside the current discussion… . I concede that the remarks of my accomplice’s mom were awkward.”
The assertion went on by saying that he was not engaged with anything and might want to apologize again in light of the fact that it influences his children and their mom. Lupillo finished up by composing that he is committed exclusively to his profession. Rivera’s fans lauded him for his words, yet a couple were likewise disparaging of him.

Alonso as of late talked about the purposes for her division from Rivera and during a live meeting, Soto’s mom participated to affront her. In any case, the discussion got ugly when Rivera’s mother by marriage said that Alonso was envious of her girl.

The put-downs proceeded and Soto’s mom said that she is a medical caretaker, adding that assuming that Mayeli is confessed to the emergency clinic, she could never help her. Mayeli Alonso was not impacted by the abuses from Lupillo Rivera’s mother by marriage yet she answered in a similar way. Rivera later expressed that he doesn’t uphold his mother by marriage’s remarks.

Lupillo Rivera has earned respect over the course of the years for his work in the music business. He is likewise a dad of six kids, including four girls who were born following his union with Maria Gorola.

He next sealed the deal with Mayeli Alonso and the team became the guardians of another youngster, Guadalupe Karizma Rivera, in August 2004. They invited another youngster, L’Rey Rivera, in August 2008.

Rivera was purportedly additionally supposed to be the dad of another child named Jose. In any case, a DNA test demonstrated that Rivera was not the natural dad.

Rivera was first hitched to Maria Gorola however it stays obscure when they traded promises with one another. Lupillo then, at that point, met Mayeli Alonso at a show in 2003 and they got participated in 2005.

Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso wedded in April 2006 and stayed together for a considerable length of time. Lupillo was subsequently blamed for having an extramarital illicit relationship with Belinda and albeit the bits of gossip expressed that they were infatuated with one another, being a misleading claim was affirmed.

Lupillo and Mayeli got separated in 2019 and the previous met Giselle Soto, who is an eyebrow master and company organizer. Rivera and Soto have been together beginning around 2020.

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