Mariah Carey Screens Season 5 of ‘The Crown’ — Which Features One of Her Hit Songs — in a Tiara!

Mariah Carey is feeling great!

The 53-year-old artist screened season 5 of The Crown in style, posting photographs from her home watch party via web-based entertainment Wednesday.

“THE CROWN debuted the previous evening and obviously I needed to have my own screening dahhlings!” the five-time Grammy Grant victor tweeted.

“Reward truth: my melody Feelings is in the principal episode! ahhhh!! Much thanks to you @netflix@thecrownnetflix!” As found in a photograph and video, Carey snuggled up on a luxury lounge chair — wearing a crown! — and drank tea while watching seasons 1 and 5 of Netflix’s hit show roused by the existences of the English imperial family between two screens.

“They’re utilizing my melody The Crown this evening! See!” Carey shouted, as Elizabeth Debicki rode on a fly ski in character as Princess Diana while Dominic West, who plays Sovereign Charles, watched from a yacht above. The pop symbol was joined by her sweetheart Bryan Tanaka and her 11-year-old child Moroccan, who was delightfully sleeping on another lounge chair.

The camera panned to the screen showing The Crown’s most memorable season (which featured Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Sovereign Elizabeth and Ruler Philip), and Carey gave her basic take.

“I need to say, truly, I love season 1 also as well. They’re all perfect to me,” she said. Carey dropped “Feelings” as the lead single from her second studio collection of a similar name in 1991.

The tune shot to no. 1 on the Board Hot 100, and the hit is heard during Charles and Diana’s “second vacation” outing in Italy.

Carey’s association with the most recent time of The Crown is her subsequent imperial experience lately. In August, the “All I Need for Christmas Is You” vocalist showed up on the second episode of Meghan Markle’s Prime examples digital broadcast for a discussion named “The Duality of Diva.”

The ladies talked about the cutting edge understanding’s regrettable underlying meanings of “diva” and being biracial.

Mariah addressed how she moved north of twelve times during her childhood and grew up without a lot, battling to find a place with each new beginning.

“I didn’t fit in. I didn’t fit in. You know, it would be a greater amount of the Dark neighborhood or then, at that point, you could be where my mother decided to reside, were the more, the white areas. Also, I didn’t fit in anyplace by any means,” she started. “Better believe it, I figure out that,” the Duchess of Sussex, 41, Meghan repeated, adding that she had anticipated inviting the pop star on her digital recording to discuss significantly more than just music. “You were so developmental for me. Portrayal matters so a lot,” she said.

“In any case, when you are a lady and you don’t see a lady who seems as though you some place in a, strategic, influential place or impact, or even on the screen — in light of the fact that we know how persuasive media is — you went onto the scene, I was like ‘Goodness, my golly.  Somebody sort of seems as though me.’ ” Season 5 of The Crown is presently gushing on Netflix.

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