Mark Capps Held His Wife and Stepdaughter Hostage: What Was the Reason?

Police shot and killed a recording engineer who had won a Grammy. They were investigating claims that he had taken his significant other and stepdaughter and held them at gunpoint.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Office public issues chief Wear Aaron said in a “basic episode preparation” that Mark J. Capps, who is 54 years of age, supposedly pointed a weapon at police who came to assist with the capturing. Aaron said that Smack officials went to the home on Highest point Run Pl. to complete a warrant against Capps for two counts of disturbed hijacking and two counts of irritated attack “for holding his 60-year-old spouse and his 23-year-old stepdaughter in the home at gunpoint during the evening.”

Aaron said that Capps awakened the mother and girl at 3 a.m. furthermore, pointed a weapon at them.

They said that he constrained them into the family room with a weapon and wouldn’t allow them to leave. They said that Capps continued to point the weapon at them and began saying that assuming they attempted to call anybody, he would kill them and “any police who made an appearance at the house,” Aaron said.

The two casualties told the overseer of public issues that they had the option to move away when Capps nodded off.

They went out and headed to the police headquarters in Withdrawal. Afterward, not long before 2 p.m., the police gave a capture warrant and informed Smack concerning what is happening.

Aaron said this was on the grounds that Capps approached firearms and had been savage the prior night.

At the point when Smack got to the scene, they had the option to draw near to the house without Capps knowing. He then “opened the front entryway” while holding a firearm.

Kendall Coon, a Smack official with 14 years of involvement, advised Capps to put his hands up. “Official Coon considered that Capps developments represented a prompt unavoidable danger and terminated,” Aaron proceeded. Officials can be heard hollering at Capps from the entryway, “Show me your hands!” The officials then, at that point, go into the house after shots are discharged at the glass entryway. Aaron said that Capps had died a brief time frame later, before an image of the firearm Capps was holding was shown.

Aaron said that the case is being investigated by both the Tennessee Agency of Examination and the MNPD.

He said that the examination recently began and that it “will require investment to finish.” The TBI and the Davidson Province Lead prosecutor’s Office are likewise investigating it, and the MNPD is investigating the officials’ activities to ensure they “satisfy the high guidelines expected of our officials.”

Board says that Capps worked with Olivia Newton-John, The Chicks, Big and Rich, and Barry Manilow throughout his vocation. Jimmy Capps, who died, played lead guitar for the Excellent Ole Opry’s home band. Capps shared four Grammy Grants for best polka collection with Jimmy Sturr and His Ensemble from 2006 to 2009.

Assortment said that Capps said via online entertainment two days before he died that his brother had died…

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