Mars introduces new ice-cream line-up with M&M and Twix Cookie dough options

Mars has made three new frozen yogurt and candy blend to get the new year going on a sweet note.

The Frozen yogurt M&M’S Treats and Cream Bird Smaller than usual Sticks Vanilla Frozen yogurt with Dull Chocolate, Almonds, and Twix Treat Batter Frozen yogurt line-up is presently accessible in stores countrywide.

Jayesh Shah, Mars Frozen yogurt Marketing Chief, said in a proclamation:

“We know that presenting new assortments and kinds of frozen yogurt to fans can give more snapshots of joy, happiness and harmony, which is the reason we have matched our flavorful Mars Frozen yogurt with a portion of our most notable brands in the Mars portfolio like Pigeon, M&M’S and Twix. Our new contributions guarantee buyers a tasty at-home frozen yogurt experience that can be partaken in the entire year long.”The new flavors from Mars will speak to everybody with a sweet tooth

Whether you’re looking for dim chocolate with almonds, treat batter, or treats and cream seasons, Mars’ new declaration has something for everybody. Look at them:

1) M&M’S Treats and Cream Frozen yogurt Treat Sandwiches: M&M’S Treats and Cream Frozen yogurt Treat Sandwiches offer a multi-surface encounter. The blend of M&M’S chocolate candies, heated chocolate treats, treat pieces, and velvety rich frozen yogurt in one spot offers a tomfoolery treat that is many times just tracked down in frozen yogurt parlors, guaranteeing M&M’S is bringing the frozen yogurt shop experience directly to your home. M&M’S Treats and Cream Frozen yogurt Treat Sandwiches are accessible in singles and in packs of four (3.5 fl. oz).

2. TWIX Treat Batter Frozen yogurt: Pulling motivation from the as of late delivered TWIX Treat Mixture bars, TWIX Frozen yogurt presented TWIX Treat Mixture Frozen yogurt, a delightful blend of delicate treat mixture nibbles, genuine cleaved TWIX bars, velvety vanilla frozen yogurt, and a caramel twirl in each chomp. The item is accessible in pints (16 fl. oz).

3. DOVE Smaller than usual Sticks Vanilla Frozen yogurt with Dim Chocolate and Almonds: A bar of premium dull chocolate with almonds that is the first of its sort. The most up to date flavor from Pigeon Frozen yogurt is a superbly measured small scale frozen yogurt bar that will fulfill any sweet tooth. The thing is presented in packs of six.

Mars Integrated is inspired by the conviction that the world they craving for later starts with how they carry on with work now. It utilizes north of 140,000 committed partners across its different and growing arrangement of value ice cream parlor, food, and pet consideration items and administrations.

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