Massive power outage in Puerto Rico due to hurricane

San Juan, Sep 19 (IANS) Puerto Rico has experienced a huge blackout following the appearance of the strong storm Fiona, the media investigated Monday.

The Caribbean island’s power administrator Luma Energy said on Sunday that the framework lost power as winds arrived at 140 km each hour, the BBC detailed.

As Puerto Rico is a US region, President Joe Biden has pronounced a highly sensitive situation for the island, permitting specialists to give debacle help as forecasters have cautioned of as much as 2 ft of downpour and disastrous flooding because of the typhoon.

Ports have been shut and trips out of the island’s principal air terminal have been dropped.

“These downpours will delivering dangerous and horrendous blaze flooding,” said the Public Storm Place.

Puerto Rico’s Lead representative Pedro Pierluisi said state funded schools and government organizations would stay shut on Monday and encouraged inhabitants to look for cover straightaway.

Storm Fiona made destruction in Puerto Rico five years after Typhoon Maria, the most horrendously awful in the island’s set of experiences.

Three weeks after Maria hit the island, something like 10% of Puerto Ricans had power, with the public lattice still in a delicate state.