Matty Gz Passed Away At The Age Of 19

Matty Gz, once in a while referred to as Matthew Cloth, changed into a 19-year-vintage rapper who died on November three, 2022. He turned into a rising big name within the rap commercial enterprise who acquired popularity via his YouTube films. His friend Klo Vizionz broke the news on social media. Klo previously worked with Matty on RRGK. On his Instagram Story, he wrote,

Matty Gz Cause Of Death Matty Gz’s purpose of demise is unknown because the circumstances surrounding his death are unknown. Furthermore, in spite of his movie star, he did now not have a Wikipedia web page, consequently it’s far doubtful if he turned into laid low with any health problems.

It’s also unknown if the rapper, like many other musicians in current years, became a sufferer of a gunshot. Simultaneously, there were unsubstantiated claims of his death from a drug overdose. However, no formal confirmation has been furnished.

The rapper could frequently communicate together with his enthusiasts via Instagram Live sessions. The 19-year-vintage New York rapper has been recording songs for many years. His song Everybody K has over a hundred thirty,000 YouTube perspectives and changed into used on every other tune, Smoke Em, which has over 120,000 perspectives. Matty Gz would use Instagram Live to speak together with his fans and fans.

He didn’t have an reputable YouTube account, but he released his songs on Raps and Hustles. The channel has round 260,000 subscribers and mostly showcases musicians aspiring to fame in the song enterprise. Matty turned into additionally lively on Facebook, wherein he teased new projects. On July five, 2022, he changed into ultimate visible on social media.

In September 2022, Matty Gz turned into arrested and even marked the police precinct where he became being detained. According to the Staten Island Advance, Matthew tagged a police station after being jailed on counts of armed theft in September of this 12 months. Matty turned into apprehended on August nine, 2022. His sufferer became robbed even as buying a dirt motorcycle in Eltingville.

The heist befell on August 1, 2022, whilst Matty and his companion allegedly grabbed a $2000 coins price for a motocross motorcycle. According to the court filings, he grabbed the sack containing the coins and placed it internal his vehicle.

He then climbed on his dirt motorcycle and rode faraway from the scene. When the victim approached the car to get his cash, Matthew’s companion pulled out his revolver, aimed it on the victim, and fled. Matty changed into arrested on suspicion of robbery, petty larceny, threats, and harassment.

He changed into subsequently freed on bail of $25,001. The rapper changed into discovered carving his rap moniker at the inner wall of the 123rd Precinct stationhouse preserving cellular. Surveillance cameras captured the incident, as the young rapper engraved the call with a coin. He stated he did it because he changed into bored.

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