Meet Hamza Yassin’s Supportive Scottish Parents Chris And Amanda

Countryfile star Hamza Yassin said he had seen as his own “Scottish guardians and sister.” Hamza Yassin, born on February 22, 1990, in Sudan, emigrated to Britain at age eight without talking any English.

Yassin, a contender on Stringently Come Moving, has discussed leaving Sudan and finding his own “Scottish guardians” and “Scottish sister.”

Name Hamza Yassin
Full Name Hamza Ahmed Yassin
Birth Date 22 February 1990
Age 32years old
Birth Place Sudan
Nationality Sudanese-British
Profession Cameraman, Presenter

The 32-year-old Countryfile star has said that he found his own “Scottish guardians” and “Scottish” sister in the high countries, where he at present dwells. At the point when he was eight years of age, the Stringently Come Moving fan most loved migrated from Sudan to the UK.

Hamza Yassin was born to his folks on February 22, 1990, in Sudan. He moved to Britain when he was eight years of age with practically no English language abilities.

Likewise, no one in the standard is certain who his genuine guardians are. By and by, he did right by his folks, which is without a doubt because of his so far effective work.

He has uncovered he seen as his own “Scottish guardians” and “Scottish” sister in the good countries, where he currently resides. He acts very much like his authentic relatives with them since he is so near them.

As indicated by Hamza Yassin, he enthusiastically did without a house for quite some time to seek after his energy for turning into an untamed life photographic artist.

He ventured out from home at age 21 subsequent to being spurred by a family excursion to a distant Scottish settlement on the west coast landmass of Ardnamurchan. He has acquired a following of devotees because of his contribution in Rigorously Come Moving.

In spite of not having some work or a spot to live, he decided to stay in the town to notice the untamed life since his folks thought it was basically a stage. At this point, The untamed life moderator and his expert accomplice Jowita Przystal before long prevailed upon watchers.

Hamza Yassin has until recently never disclosed his insider facts. However, gail and Tom, his nearby neighbors, are his second family to him.

He expressed about Gail, his neighbor nearby, “She’s perfect; I call her my Scottish sister,” The BBC vocalist guarantees that Gail messages him a decent morning message whenever she hears his music playing.

“I play music and dance relentless. I never suspected I’d be on Stringently in 1,000,000 years,” he told The Gatekeeper.

In the meeting, Hamza talked openly about the distinctions between his life now and his childhood in Sudan, where he was “the as it were “dark” individual for 150 kilometers” in his Scottish people group.

His folks, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins managed him in an immense home.

The VIP had a regular habitat wherein to grow up and might really see the Nile from the highest point of his home, where he habitually saw crocodiles or hippos.

Despite the fact that he recollected there sporadically being riots in the city, he was additionally totally neglectful of the nationwide conflict seething all through the country.