Mithai 16th September 2022 Written Update: Sid loses his memory

The episode begins with Mithai putting her hand on diya infront of Ganesh Ji. The specialist says Sid didn’t get cognizant till now. Sooner or later, in the event that he actually doesn’t get cognizance then they will do a CT examine. Sid could have gone into trance like state by then. The medical attendant comes and says Sid is cognizant. Harimohan goes to get Mithai. Harimohan sees Mithai and says Sid is cognizant. Hari Mohan chastens her and takes her to see Sid.

Sid awakens and shares with the specialist that he is having a big migraine. Specialist says he will feel like that for a couple of days. All the Chobe family come to see Sid. Sid converses with Dadu and he says he is feeling a genuinely terrible cerebral pain. Mithai asks Sid how he is. Sid flies off the handle at her as she hindered when he is conversing with Dadu. Sid reprimands Mithai. Sid sees Mangalsutra on Mithai. Sid asks Mithai who wedded her. All the family is amazed Sid is posing this inquiry.

Mithai shares with Sid that he is her better half. Sid flies off the handle hearing this and inquires as to whether this is another show of hers? Dadu requests to make Mithai leave the room. Harimohan requests that Shubham call the specialist. Dadu requests that Mithai stay outside. The specialist comes and Dadu asks the specialist what befell Sid as he can’t perceive his own better half. Specialist shares with Dadu he will check and let them know what occurred. Specialist gives Sid sedation.

Mithai asks Harimohan what occurred. Harimohan shares with Mithai to initially quiet down. The specialist emerges and tells the family that Sid has fractional amnesia as he was harmed in the head. The specialist additionally says they shouldn’t make him recall anything powerfully. The specialist says he failed to remember a little piece of what occurred in his life that is the reason he was unable to recollect that anything about Mithai.

Harimohan and his family carry Sid to Chobey manor. Chandrakanta and Abha invite him. Mithai in her old clothing comes there with tea. Sid says you acted in the emergency clinic like a spouse and here you’re acting typical. He requests that relatives make Mithai take off from their home.

Mithai says Dadu gave one space to her for lease so she will not empty. Hari Mohan and others take Sid to his room. Chandrakanta and Abha inquire as to why she got it done. Abha says you are hitched to Sid and nobody can eradicate it. Mithai says she needs to eradicate it for Sid’s wellbeing. Chandrakanta asks where is her mangalsutra. Mithai shows them it’s at Gopal Ji’s godlike object. Chandrakanta and Abha say eliminating the matrimonial chain is foreboding. Mithai says I put it close to Gopal Ji and he will safeguard it. She says Gopal Ji is my accomplice and he will make Sid review his past. Abha says I will tell everybody to not drive Sid to review his past.