Mithai 5th September 2022 Written Update: Sid questions Mithai

The episode begins with Sid telling everybody that he may be tipsy however he would rather not be a fool infront of his family and shares with everybody he needs to converse with his significant other alone and takes Mithai to a room in a smashed state.

Sid falls on the bed with Mithai. Sid takes Mithai’s recipe and shows his recipe to Mithai. Sid begins addressing Mithai what is this. He tells Mithai that he didn’t comprehend from the outset. Yet, he says he sees now. Sid faults Mithai and says she took his recipe when he was resting and says she won the opposition by cheating. Sid shares with Mithai to win that gravely he would have given it to her. Mithai tells Sid “you know me you actually believe that I can swindle in a rivalry to win.” Sid shares with Mithai “so just you are the main genuine everyone are miscreants.” Mithai says the person who cheated isn’t her however Apeksha.

Sid says he has verification that he cheated and says how the anchor and the person who incited him came and let him know that Mithai is the person who gave them cash to do what they did and they came to him to apologize for what they did. After Sid tells Mithai about them. Sid gives the cash to Mithai for example as per him she contributed to win this opposition and faulted Mithai for winning the opposition by cheating. At the point when Mithai attempts to make sense of. Sid doesn’t pay attention to her and says he would rather not pay attention to what she needs to say and says in the event that she just offended him he wouldn’t mind at all yet she stained Harimohan’s name. He compliments Mithai on her success and says he will take HM Desserts higher than ever by carrying on with work, not by cheating.

Mithai tells Sid “you have expressed whatever you might be thinking and presently listen what is her choice”. Mithai takes Sid to Pooja’s room and says she puts her success infront of Gopal Ji and she says she won’t contact this award until she defended herself infront of him. Mithai reminds how much significant this success is for her. Mithai says if she has any desire to cheat and win she would have taken this cash and gotten her dad’s shop delivered. Mithai says she won’t contact this award until she effectively defended herself.

Apeksha converses with herself and thinks she took her most memorable action to make Sid hers. Apeksha entryway ringer rings. Apeksha thinks it is Sid and goes to open the entryway. Harimohan is demonstrated to petition God for Gopal Ji for Mithai. At the point when Apeksha opens the entryway it is Mithai and not Sid. Apeksha asks Mithai what is she doing here. Mithai asks Apeksha for what reason is she doing this. Apeksha inquires as to whether she is recording. Apeksha sees that she isn’t and says she would rather not converse with her.