Mithai 8th September 2022 Written Update: Apeksha challenges Mithai

The episode begins with Girish saying now everybody will observer the adoration period of Sid and Mithai. Abha and Abhishek play out the adoration point of Sid and Mithai. Mithai feels blissful. Karishma and Sourya embrace their folks. Girish says presently it’s the fourth stage. He asks his girl in regulation to talk.

Mithai says Sid might know how much his family loves him on the off chance that he is here. Hari Mohan says Sid may be late a result of a gridlock. Apeksha takes Sid in a wheelchair and figures nobody can find him of all time. Sourya requests that Mithai express her affections for Sid. Abha and Shubham request that she go on.

Apeksha locks her home. She takes Sid in her vehicle. Mithai express through her dance the amount she adores Sid and the amount she is sitting tight for his appearance. Sid acquires cognizance however Apeksha makes him oblivious with the assistance of chloroform. Mithai sees the entry and completions her exhibition.

Everybody applauds her exhibition. Apeksha doesn’t see Sid’s watch falls out and about. Pandit shows up at Chaubey’s home. Mithai tells Harimohan and others that she thinks that Apeksha might be finished something to Sid. She calls Sid yet nobody goes to the call. Mithai surges with others to look for Sid.

They arrive at Apeksha’s home and notice the house is locked. Mithai calls and it rings from inside. Shubham and others attempt to enter inside however Mithai stops them saying they can’t be inside and this is the new snare of Apeksha. Girish says he will call the police.

That time Apeksha calls Mithai. Mithai keeps her telephone on speaker. Apeksha lets Mithai know that she can never arrive at Sid. Mithai says she will arrive at Sid. Apeksha provokes her to track down them in 60 minutes. She disengages the call. Mithai says they may not leave far however where to look.

Abhishek requests that Mithai leave saying they will look. Mithai says she needs to look for him. Mithai sees Sid’s watch. Then, at that point, she finds tire marks and she follows them sending Girish and Abhishek to the police headquarters. Shubham look through Jn another way. In the wake of arriving sooner or later Mithai saw no tire marks.

Apeksha attaches Sid to the seat. She calls her mother and she demands her mother to make her leave the city with Sid. Sid acquires awareness and inquires as to why she is requesting her mother’s assistance. Apeksha lets him know she will not get crushed in Mithai’s grasp. Mithai yells Sid’s name. Sid hears it and yells back. Apeksha shuts his mouth and conceals him. Mithai leaves. Apeksha says Mithai is passed on and attempts to take out Sid’s seat. Chandrakanta says she never expected Apeksha can act along these lines. Hari Mohan goes to God to make Mithai meet Sid. Apeksha offers water to Sid however he denies to drink. Somebody thumps on the entryway. Apeksha opens the entryway expecting her mother could send her assistance however she gets stunned seeing Mithai.