Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj gets arrested

The Episode starts with Katha saying I don’t wish to affront myself by giving a proof to you, you moreover know the truth. Maddy admonishes Katha parcels. Kabir yells adequate and cries. He disappears and locks himself inside the room. Katha pursues him. She requests that he open the entryway.

She says I used to be going to illuminate you the truth. He sits crying. She moreover stays there and cries. He proceeds to sit resting his again contrary to the sleeping cushion. He feels chest throb. Maasa asks Kishor for what good reason didn’t you illuminate us something. Kishor says the situation was such. She says adequate at this point. She requests that Uma not affront them extra. Uma says we purchased offended, I don’t wish to leave my girl on this home the spot a satan like Yuvraj stays, I’ll take each my girls house with me.

She requests that Mannu proceed to name Katha. Katha comes and says Maasa, Kabir locked himself inside the room. Maasa stresses. Maddy asks Katha to withdraw basically. Uma requests that Katha get back with them. Katha says all of you don’t fear for Kabir, I gained’t leave him and go.

Maasa says you’ll leave from this home. Katha says no, you can’t remove me and my family, I m this home’s bahu, Kabir’s life partner, I gained’t go with out addressing Kabir. Maddy says she essentially has to stay on this home and present her appropriate on Kabir and this home.

Police comes house. controller expresses we’ve to capture Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat. Everybody is by all accounts stunned. Maasa says you known as the police to get my child captured, how dare you Katha. He says he didn’t record this analysis, Kabir Singh Shekhawat did. Deepa requests that Kabir kindly open the entryway. She says police has come outside, if it’s not too much trouble, open the entryway.

Kabir recalls Katha’s expressions and cries. He recalls Katha and Yuvraj’s abnormal connections after marriage. Deepa says he isn’t opening the entryway, how will I respond. Kabir asks how didn’t I see that Katha is in a ton hurt, I didn’t have the foggiest idea, she endured it for the wellbeing of I and my family, I used to be agreeable. Chacha ji says Investigator, Kabir is mixed up, we’ll clear up the family issues, essentially leave. Monitor says sorry, charges are serious, we’ve to capture Yuvraj.

Yuvraj says I gained’t go with out addressing Kabir. He goes to Kabir and thumps the entryway. He inquires as to for what reason did you do that, don’t you conviction me, you respect me your child, how could you lose conviction on me, conviction me, Katha is deception. Kabir shouts. He will get woozy and tumbles down. Yuvraj says you can’t do that with me. Controller expresses we’ve to capture Yuvraj. Yash says stand by, let me talk about to my legal advisor. He requests that Yuvraj not dread. He says you guess he can do such a component. Monitor insults Yuvraj.

He requests that Yash get his attorney to the police headquarters. Yuvraj says I didn’t follow through with something, they’re driving me. Yash and Chacha ji pursue him. Katha thinks a ton happened, but Kabir didn’t emerge. She runs and thumps the entryway.

She requests that Kabir open the entryway, please. Kishor also comes and gets down on Kabir. She says on the off chance that he follows through with something… He says don’t fear, he gained’t follow through with something, I in all actuality do know pleasantly. He shows up underneath the entryway.

He sees Kabir. He says Kabir swooned down. Everybody is by all accounts stunned. Devraj requests that they step once more. They attempt to break the entryway. Every one of them head inside and see Kabir deception oblivious. Maasa requests that someone get water. Katha requests that Kabir ascend. She sprinkles water all over. Maddy will get rankled. On the clinic, Katha appeals to God for Kabir. She says it wasn’t Kabir’s mix-up, don’t harm him because of me. Mannu says don’t fear, he will most likely be fabulous.