“My Dreams Always Come To Pass” — Mercy Eke Reveals Winner of 2023 Presidential Election

Renowned reality star, Leniency Squeeze, opens up on a fantasy she had about the competitor who arose as the victor of the 2023 official political race.

The BBNaija ex-housemate took to the miniature contributing to a blog stage, Twitter, to share a fantasy she had while stressing how frequently her fantasies materialize.

As per Leniency Squeeze, the Work Party’s official competitor, Peter Obi, will arise as the champ of the 2023 official race.

“I had a fantasy peter OBI won the 2023 official political race 🙏🏾 my fantasies generally happens, is potential folks,. We can do this. P O is clear, how about we push and implore more diligently. We are near making Nigeria incredible again🙏🏾,” she composed.