Netflix’s ‘Our Universe’ Explores How Animals Have Shaped the World — with Morgan Freeman’s Help

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, a six-part show exploring the connections between all living things from the farthest star down to the tiniest cell in a blade of grass is coming to Netflix.

Individuals has an elite sneak look at Our Universe — a documentary series from streaming giant Netflix, created by BBC Studios.

The show promises to take watchers on a fascinating excursion, using current camera and CGI innovation, that includes very close shots of probably the most iconic, charismatic animals on Earth.

“From the introduction of the Sun to the introduction of a sea turtle, Our Universe utilizes groundbreaking animation to dramatize the spectacular celestial forces that generated our solar framework,” Netflix shared in a statement about the show. The series offers a great many lessons and information about the universe intended for watchers of all ages.

“Watch the changing seasons impact an Alaskan earthy colored bear and her whelps; learn what a single blade of grass has to do with a ravenous cheetah on the Serengeti; soar through the waters of the Southern Ocean as the romance of two penguins highlights the most impressive force in the galaxy,” Netflix added.

The series is narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, who can be heard in the trailer introducing the show, saying, “It has taken 13.8 billion years to reach this one second in reality, this is the tale of our universe.” Calling Freeman, 85, a “master narrator,” leader maker Andrew Cohen also explained why the actor is the ideal fit for the role.

“At the point when you are making a progression of this scale, you really want a voice that can possess it, and a voice you trust as you are being driven through these accounts that are at times almost unbelievable,” he said. “There’s extremely, hardly any individuals on the planet that can do that. I think it’s an exceptionally strong performance.”

Mike Davis, Our Universe’s showrunner, shared that the group visited 14 nations to make the series.

He added that the docuseries follows “six exceptionally iconic animals.” “We wanted a broad range across the planet, various landscapes, various challenges.

And spending time with the animals also began to advance the story we were telling,” Davis said.

“We had the option to film the chimpanzee troop while they had babies being born, and adults dying, and a range of various encounters that all addressed a portion of the bigger themes that we were telling about time. How the universe was born, how the universe will die, how everything is moving forward through time.”

Our Universe — delivered, composed, and coordinated by Alice Jones, Stephen Cooter, and Naomi Austin — is available to stream on Netflix starting Tuesday, Nov. 22.

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