NHDP Trainee, Bill Wolfson Lianie, 14, dies of Brain Hemorrhage

The Public Hockey Improvement Program (NHDP) student passed early on while going through the instructional course in Ipoh, Perak, today.

The goalkeeper’s facility is one of the help occasions for the impending Ruler Azlan Shah Cup. Charge Wolfson Lianie age 14, hails from SMK Penrissen, Kuching, and Sarawak.

Charge Wolfson Lianie Demise. His Eulogy Charge Wolfson Lianie, 14, comes from SMK Penrissen, Kuching, Sarawak has died during his preparation routine Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) detailed Bill who plays a goalkeeper, scrubbed down with his partners prior to griping about being uncomfortable.

Later he went too blacked out in his room. Bill was moved to a rescue vehicle, and CPR was acted in him. He was taken to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Clinic at Ipoh where he was pronounced dead. The reason for death has not been affirmed.

Bill was one of the students for the two-day MHC-AHF-Perak HA goalkeeper’s center, which started off on Saturday, at the Raja Ashman Shah Foundation in Ipoh. Sarawak state mentor Wilina Macintosh Carina Wilson was at the facility.

NFDP authorities have illuminated Bill’s family, and his body will be taken to the Kuching.

MHC president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal and Perak HA president Sayuti Abdul Samat, who were at the clinic have additionally communicated their sympathies to Bill’s loved ones.

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