“Nigerians Are Hypocrites; They Condemn Yul Edochie For Having A Second Wife While Praising Suleman Johnson For Sleeping With Multiple Women”-Chioma Ifemeludike

Dubious Chioma Ifemeludike, a Nollywood entertainer, has censured Nigerians for straightforwardly denouncing Yul Edochie, who impregnated and later wedded his partner, Judy Austin, as a subsequent spouse, while a similar society hails Missionary Suleman Johnson, who has supposedly laid down with a plenty of ladies, especially superstars.

The entertainer, who recently conceded to having sexual relations with Suleman Johnson for financial addition, thought about how the nation could improve in the event that individuals continued to think like this.

Chioma Ifemeludike composed on her Instagram page, “A self-acclaimed godly man, an educator of the good news of Christ Jesus, whose fundamental standards are Blessedness, is an unrepentant whore, gets a congratulatory gesture, even with uncountable proof and witnesses, yet a man who openly required a subsequent spouse is denounced by a similar society.”

“We are not prepared to develop assuming we proceed with this false reverence and lying,” she added. I’m not rationalizing traitorousness and faithlessness in marriage, yet it’s more decent for a man to possess his f**k up than it is for one who professes to be upstanding while never tolerating his imperfections.

That’s what my point is assuming we should denounce or endure obscenity, revelry, impropriety, etc, let it be clear and realized that everybody gets a similar treatment; spare me the hogwash of “touch not,” “ministers are people, etc. Coming up with absurd reasons for somebody who ought to be a model and condemning one more individual for unveiling his transgression is Bad faith!”