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Nikki Bella, a stunning retired professional wrestler, is now an American reality show star and entrepreneur. In June 2007, she signed with WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella and was assigned to the developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Bella, a two-time WWE Divas Champion, had the longest reign with that title. Aside from that, she made her SmackDown debut in 2008. She is also regarded as one of the finest, ranking first in Pre Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50.

In terms of her accomplishments, she has been voted Rolling Stone’s Diva of the Year once and has received the Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Feale Athlete title in 2016. Concentrate on the top 94 Nikki Bella quotes listed below.

  1. “Believing in yourself and having confidence gives you outer strength.”― Nikki Bella

  2. “When you’ve got curves – you need to show them, and I love showing mine!”― Nikki Bella

  3. “I’m the Princess of The Authority.”― Nikki Bella

  4. “That’s all I can be is fearless.”― Nikki Bella

  5. “I want to build a legacy at the WWE, but I definitely want to continue to grow the Bella Empire. I want it to go beyond the ring. I would love to be a motivational speaker.”― Nikki Bella

  6. “My first nephew, he couldn’t say Auntie Nicole, so he called me Coco. So ever since then, everyone’s called me ‘Coco.’”― Nikki Bella

  7. “We’re here in this women’s revolution – we’re in this women’s empowerment movement worldwide – and, if anything, women should stick up for each other and be like, ‘No, she deserves everything she has, and she’s worked hard as a woman.’”― Nikki Bella

  8. “Support systems and support groups are so important because that’s what makes you stronger.”― Nikki Bella

  9. “I can’t tell you how many guys have approached me when I’m doing cardio. Like, I have my headphones on; I’m in the zone, so don’t bother me.”― Nikki Bella

  10. “I love playing bad.”― Nikki Bella

  11. “I have to say I have an amazing therapist. She’s my best friend for life. She’s taught me how to balance everything out.”― Nikki Bella


  13. “That wrestling ring is home for me; it’s my passion. I love what I do.”― Nikki Bella

  14. “You can’t just be anyone who is off the streets and come do what we do. You have to train, and there has to be something within you. You have to have athletic ability… What we do is 100 percent athletic. I feel like it’s one of the top athletic programs out there when you consider professional sports.”― Nikki Bella

  15. “To me, it’s disheartening when you have someone take away everything you’ve done as a woman because of a man.”― Nikki Bella

  16. “Because my man is handsome and successful, that makes me a gold digger? First of all, I pay my own bills, and I still pay my own bills. But if your man is gonna give you a gift, you’re gonna accept it. I’m not gonna be like, ‘No, can you please take back the Louis Vuitton purse?’ Absolutely not.”― Nikki Bella

  17. “I’ve been an athlete and competitor my whole life, and there’s nothing more that I get off on than competition.”― Nikki Bella

  18. “To me, nothing is more fun than being in that ring. That ring is just my heart; it’s my passion.”― Nikki Bella

  19. “I am with a very successful man, and the crazy thing is people think that it makes my career easier.”― Nikki Bella

  20. “I’m a pleaser, but it’s not a good thing because you forget about pleasing yourself at the end of the day.”― Nikki Bella

  21. “My goal is to have the best Divas reign in Divas history.”― Nikki Bella

  22. “I truly enjoyed my pay-per-view match against Brie. We have a bond that you just can’t create. We’re born with it, and we had this magic in the ring.”― Nikki Bella

  23. “I used to love wrestling Beth Phoenix, and I loved everything Beth Phoenix did in the ring because it was like, ‘Goodness. That beautiful woman is so strong.’”― Nikki Bella

  24. “For me, nothing is off limits.”― Nikki Bella


  26. “I think my mom is kind of this way, too. We’re just such strong women. My mom’s been through so much, so I think that’s where I got it from.”― Nikki Bella

  27. “When you have such a love and passion for wrestling and you love to work, you want to get in with good workers.”― Nikki Bella

  28. “I do everything in moderation and count everything… that includes my wine.”― Nikki Bella

  29. “WWE is my home, and I will always stay with the WWE in some part, whether it’s an ambassador, or maybe one day you’ll see Nikki Bella as a GM, and no one can touch me.”― Nikki Bella

  30. “I remember walking home one day from school, and this car pulled up behind me really slow, and it gave me a really weird feeling, and all of a sudden it skimmed me, and the man was half naked and tried to pull me into his car and saying crazy things to me. And it was terrifying.”― Nikki Bella

  31. “When we started training with WWE, coaches were impressed and asked if we had had boxing training. I said no, it was all soccer. As a defender, I had to learn to stay on my feet, track backwards, and I feel all the movement I do in the ring was helped by my soccer background.”― Nikki Bella

  32. “I’m so proud to be a Latina. Growing up and being Latina and growing up with my father and getting to do a lot of the Hispanic traditions, I loved it.”― Nikki Bella

  33. “Do I understand that I’m in a man’s industry? 100%.”― Nikki Bella

  34. “I want to get in there and wrestle my sister! That’s the fun part, when you get in there with someone who has the same passion for wrestling and that can work well, and you can put on a good match where you can really just get at each other.”― Nikki Bella

  35. “I always had this perception that when you lift weights, you’re going to get bulky and thick. I didn’t realize you actually burn a lot of fat and that it trims you down.”― Nikki Bella

  36. “There is nothing better than working out with your loved one.”― Nikki Bella

  37. “There’s something sexy about a man or a woman when they have definition in their shoulders and their arms. When I’m at a restaurant, whether it’s a man in a sleeveless top or a woman, I can’t help but look.”― Nikki Bella

  38. “I think the best time to approach a woman is actually after her workout. When you’re working out, you’re playing your jam, you’re in the groove, and you don’t want to be interrupted. So guys, wait until she’s done getting her sweat on.”― Nikki Bella

  39. “Naturally, Brie and I bicker, like, every 10 minutes about everything in life.”― Nikki Bella

  40. “Lifting is what’s made me stronger and made me look better. Not only does it burn fat amazingly – and I think it’s really honed my body – it’s also given me the strength in the ring to lift girls up. I can literally lift anything on my shoulders.”― Nikki Bella

  41. “I truly feel like I’m a living Wonder Woman.”― Nikki Bella

  42. “Being a Diva is not easy. We are on the road 300 days a year. We don’t get a lot of family or personal time. With ‘Total Divas’ on top of that, on our days off, we have the cameras following us, and that’s not for everyone.”― Nikki Bella

  43. “For Brie and I – we were just ‘model tired.’ I was told to get a boob job; I was told to lose weight. Brie and I had a big struggle… Brie and I legit hopped in our cars, went to Georgia, jumped in a ring, and said, ‘Hey, you’re going to sign us. We want to be here.’ I know everyone thinks it was really easy for us, but it wasn’t.”― Nikki Bella

  44. “I’m very easy to impersonate. From the look to the personality, I’m like, wow.”― Nikki Bella

  45. “You could have given me, like, Backlash, but WrestleMania, I get to tag with the love of my life, like, a memory we’re going to have forever? It’s been incredible.”― Nikki Bella

  46. “I’m like, ‘John, people treat me differently because they just look at me as a girlfriend,’ and unfortunately, that’s our world. Now all of a sudden – just within hours of him putting a ring on it and asking me to be his wife – it is crazy the level of respect people have for me.”― Nikki Bella


  48. “My idol was Jennifer Lopez.”― Nikki Bella

  49. “I was maturing in a way that all my friends weren’t. How is it that I’m 10, and I look 15, and all my friends don’t?”― Nikki Bella

  50. “Now, actually, I can prove the people that I’m an individual; I just don’t have to be a Bella Twin to make a name for myself here. I can be Nikki Bella, Fearless Nikki, and I’ve really enjoyed that.”― Nikki Bella