Notti Osama A Young Rapper Was Murdered On Manhattan Subway Station

Ethan Reyes, better known by his rap moniker Notti Osama, was 14 years of age when he died. Likewise, he is a Yonker-based rapper. Notti was the most youthful of five more established brothers and sisters. Without You, his most recent melody, highlights one of his more established brothers.

Likewise, Notti’s brother DD Osama offered a contacting respect to his wiped out kin. Lily Ortega, Reyes’ cousin, portrayed him as a lively and cherishing youth. Different individuals from the New York drill scene additionally communicated their sympathies.

What’s more, the family has begun a raising money crusade for Notti’s burial service. As he was in the beginning phases of his profession, very little data was uncovered about the youthful rapper’s starting points.

Update on Notti Osama’s Homicide: Cut At A Manhattan Tram Station Notti Osama, a 14-year-old rapper, was wounded to death on July 9, this year. The episode started at 3 p.m., after an ignited contention at the Manhattan tram station. Also, crisis laborers shipped him to Mount Sinai Morningside Emergency clinic.

Notti’s injuries were deadly since he had been cut ordinarily. When the misfortune occurred, the youth was brought to the medical clinic. The little young person was proclaimed dead sometime thereafter at a similar medical clinic. At the 137th Road/City School stop, Notti Osama, 14, purportedly moved toward a 15-year-old contender rapper. Clearly, the wild battle provoked his cutting, which brought about Notti’s passing.

Who killed a 14-year-old rapper? At 3 p.m. on July 9, Notti Osama was killed following a fight with a 15-year-old rival. The shocking deed was additionally reported in the occurrence’s delivered video film. The drill rapper from Yonkers got into a battle in Manhattan’s Washington Levels region. Likewise, a blade that appeared to be a deadly weapon was found at the wrongdoing site.

Sadly, as of this composition, the personality of the essential blamed stays muddled. As per reports, a similar charged wounded Notti commonly, killing him. The denounced, a 15-year-old kid, was first accused of second-degree murder. Notwithstanding, it was at last uncovered that the two players were taken part in the fight and that the denounced cut Notti as he endeavored to leave. Accordingly, the blamed’s charge was diminished to first-degree murder.

Drill rapping, then again, oftentimes involves taunting rivals. Specialists are worried that this accelerated the awful fight. As indicated by the police objection, the hopeful drill rapper was initially taken to New York Presbyterian Clinic for treatment of his blade wounds. Be that as it may, he was ultimately moved to Mount Sinai Morningside Clinic, where he died.

Notti Osama Life story Ethan Reyes was his genuine name. He was 14 years of age. He is of African-American plunge and has a place with the dark ethnic gathering. His real date of birth and Zodiac sign are obscure. Osama was the most youthful of six kids. Lily Ortega, Osama’s cousin, portrayed him as a merry and decent young fellow who loved investing energy with his loved ones.

Profession Notti Osama delivered designs for his new melody “Without You” only fourteen days before his demise. To recollect the dead youthful craftsman, a landmark has been made on 140th and Broadway in Reyes’ Yonkers area. Notti Osama’s life story isn’t accessible on Wikipedia.