Novak Djokovic Granted Visa to Play at Australian Open Despite Being Unvaccinated

Novak Djokovic is getting back to Australia in 2023. Subsequent to getting a three-year restriction from the country only days before the 2022 Australian Open, the Serbian tennis player, 35, is supposedly being conceded a visa to contend in the following year’s opposition, held January 16-29, 2023.

The Australian Telecom Corp. affirmed reports Tuesday that Andrew Giles, the new movement serve, toppled Djokovic’s boycott.

As per the Related Press, Giles’ office declined to remark on the visa notice on grounds of protection.

In January, the then-defending champion endeavored to get an exclusion for Australia’s Coronavirus immunization prerequisite to enter the nation, contending that he had as of late recuperated from the infection. Following a 10-day lawful adventure, Djokovic’s exception was denied and he was expelled from Australia just before the 2022 competition.

Djokovic has been kept out of different competitions because of his refusal to get the Coronavirus immunization. In front of the 2022 Australian Open, he was positioned first on the planet.

In any case, in spite of winning Wimbledon in July — where he had the option to contend in light of the fact that there was no Coronavirus immunization prerequisite — his positioning dropped from missing Australia and afterward he was not allowed to contend in the U.S. Open in August, placing him in eighth.

At the point when the probability of his cooperation in the U.S. Open appeared to be risky, he kept up with his position on inoculation. “I’m not immunized and I’m not wanting to get immunization,” he said at that point. He recently let BBC know that withdrawal from competitions was a “value that I will pay” when gotten some information about his immunization reluctance.

“I grasp the results of my choice,” he proceeded. “I comprehend that not being immunized today, you know, I can’t head out to the vast majority of the competitions right now.”

Djokovic additionally let the power source know that, however he is in favor of immunizations, having “the opportunity to pick what you put into your body” means quite a bit to him than coming out on top for championships.

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