NYPD Officer Suspended After Viral Video Appears to Show Him Repeatedly Punching Teen Girl

A New York City cop has been suspended after a video became famous online that seems to show him more than once punching a young lady.

The video, which has been seen by Individuals, shows the cop punching the 14-year-old after he and one more official answered a fight close to Edwin Markham Center School at around 2:45 p.m. last Tuesday. Officials say they noticed “a huge battle including different female adolescents,” Julian Phillips, the representative police chief for public data, said in a proclamation to NBC News.

Police say that officials were limiting someone else after the scuffle when the young lady went after the official’s binds and raised a ruckus around town in the head.

The official then, at that point, supposedly hit the youngster with his hand a few times. A spectator got the occurrence on record.

After the video became a web sensation, the official was suspended without pay. He is a 14-year veteran of the NYPD.

In an irrelevant question and answer session, New York City Chairman Eric Adams was gotten some information about the occurrence.

“I was not satisfied with what I saw on the video,” Adams told a correspondent. Adams is a previous New York cop.

In a meeting with the New York Post, the high schooler recounted her side of the story.

“I bounced in and the police came and should split it up, however the police got into the battle,” the young lady said.

“Then everybody was simply in binds and my sister [was] in cuffs,” she proceeded, “and I went up to my sister and asked the police, ‘What are you doing?’ and he pushed me and afterward I hit him twice and afterward he hit me multiple times.” “I figured they would separate the battle,” she said. “I didn’t figure they would get into the battle.”

The cop, who was suspended without pay, was not recognized in the police explanation.

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