Officer Reminds TikTok That She Is Allowed to Go 90 Miles an Hour, Gets Suspended

Back in July, a cop stood out as truly newsworthy for posting a TikTok video that annoyed a few watchers. The Federal Way Police Department then suspended her for 10 hours without pay.

While the official has since taken out the video from the stage, Reddit client u/Jaamac2025 had the option to get a duplicate of it. In a now-popular post, they share her dubious video and restart the discussion about this official’s way of behaving. Government Way official reminds TikTok that she “can go 90 miles 60 minutes,” yet “you can’t.” In the since-risky TikTok, Federal Way official Breanna Straus reminds drivers what they ought to do when they see a cop vehicle on the expressway.

“Assuming we’re driving on the turnpike in our squad car, move the f- – k,” she said, adding “I can go 90 miles 60 minutes, you can’t. You can’t do that. So move the f- – k. In the event that us officials stay behind you sufficiently long, we can track down motivation to pull you over.”

Quick version, the video didn’t turn out well as certain people naturally suspected it proposed that police are exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else and don’t need to follow them. Others were likewise frightened by how she said officials can “find” motivation to pull individuals over. Some thought she was mishandling her power as a power figure.

The Federal Way Police Department sent off an examination following the video.
Authority Kurt Schwan of the division told Seattle Weekly that in the examination they searched for potential infringement of guidelines in the video, as well as though Straus had any past disciplinary issues (none were accounted for).

She wound up getting a 10-hour suspension without pay for the infringement, as indicated by police records. A 10-hour suspension is equivalent to one shift. At the point when the video was shared on Reddit, not an excessive number of people appeared to be satisfied with her mentality.

One client figured that her discipline of a 10-hour suspension is simply a three day weekend. Another client addressed why a cop would make a TikTok while inside a division vehicle in full uniform. Others contended that except if she has her alarms on, she isn’t permitted to surpass as far as possible like that. Anyway, do you concur with how the Federal Way Police Department took care of her case?

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