Oklahoma authorities make arrest in missing toddler Athena Brownfield’s mysterious disappearance

Specialists from the Oklahoma State Department of Examination (OSBI) on Thursday captured Alysia Adams, 30, on two includes of youngster disregard regarding the Tuesday vanishing of 4-year-old Athena Brownfield.

OSBI reported the capture on Thursday evening, when Adams was set up for the Grady Area Sheriff’s Office. Athena and her sister were in Adams’ and her significant other’s consideration at the hour of her vanishing, as per the sheriff’s office.

“The quest for Athena proceeds. The OSBI is following each tip that is gotten, which are rolling in from Oklahoma, as well as different states.

With an end goal to track down hints concerning Athena’s whereabouts, the garbage administration in Cyril [was searched],” OSBI said in a Thursday public statement. “Furthermore, experts are evaluating reconnaissance video from around Cyril and looking for other proof that can assist with finding Athena.”

Specialists at first revealed Athena missing on Tuesday evening after a postal transporter found her 5-year-old sister meandering around alone on Nebraska Road in Cyril around 2 p.m.

The postal transporter knew the 5-year-old young lady “wasn’t where she should be and informed police,” so, all in all policing that Athena was missing, said OSBI public data official Stream Arbeitman during a Wednesday public interview presented on Facebook.

A Caddo Region Sheriff’s Office delegate on Thursday told FOX 25 Oklahoma City, nonetheless, that the young lady might have vanished as soon as Jan. 6.

The office is requesting individuals from people in general “with a home or business in Cyril that has a video doorbell camera” to go to Everyday Life Church in Cyril, where a garrison has been laid out, and tell policing, to a Wednesday public statement.

Anybody with data about Athena’s location is approached to contact OSBI at 405-879-2591 or nearby police.

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