Paige Chivers, The Murderer of a Lancashire School girl, passed away

Paige Chivers disappeared in 2007. Regardless of the way that her body was rarely found, she was broadcasted expired after a request in 2016.

The killer of Lancashire student Paige Chivers dies in prison, and her carcass was rarely found. Paige Chivers is a Lancashire young person, an in killed by a pedophile prison without her body truly being found.

Robert Ewing was sentenced in 2015 for killing Paige, 15, at his Blackpool home, and was condemned to life in jail with a base term of 32 years.

Paige was killed to keep her from cautioning specialists about the s*x misuse she persevered because of Ewing. Paige was depicted in court as an upset youngster because of her mom’s demise and her dad’s liquor abuse.

Ewing went after her by permitting juvenile females to drink, smoke, and use drugs at his loft. Ewing killed Paige in August 2007 as she took steps to uncover his s*x misuse. T

he student’s carcass was rarely recuperated. Ewing, 68, died in prison in the wake of being found inside his cell seven days prior.

“We can affirm that Robert Ewing, 68, died in prison on Friday, November 4,” expressed a representative for the Jail Administration.

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