Payback episode 4: Eun-yong tries to outsmart Director Myung, but how far can he go?

All along of Recompense, Eun-yong (Lee Sun-kyun) has determined that the most hallowed thing in his life is his relationship with his loved ones. This doesn’t just incorporate his blood family, yet in addition his picked family, which incorporates the President of Bluenet, Yoon Hye-rin (Kim Mi-sook), and her little girl Park Jun-kyeong (Moon Chae-won).

As it were, Eun-yong ended up being half-fair in Restitution, notwithstanding his connections to chief Myung due to Hye-rin. She took him in, gave him a place of refuge to act naturally, and supported him. So since he has discovered that the explanation for Hye-rin’s demise is his previous endlessly supervisor child in-regulation, examiner Hwang Gi-seok, things have taken a more serious turn in the K-show.

Eun-yong consents to Stop Jun-kyeong’s arrangement in Compensation episode 4

At the point when Park Jun-kyeong meets Eun-yong after years, there is no scorn. She doesn’t detest him for not answering her sends when her mom was in a tough situation.

This is on the grounds that she figures out his inspiration and his decisions. All things considered, she just asks him not to hold her up of vengeance. She additionally says that she won’t stop regardless of whether it implies harming Eun-yong’s nephew Jang Tae-chun (Kang Yoo-seok).

Tae-chun is a new kid on the block examiner in Compensation, who fantasies about joining the extraordinary examination group headed by Gi-seok. Be that as it may, he is not kidding around about charging big hoodlums independent of their associations. So when his uncle offers him associations that he had never longed for, he acknowledges. He and Jun-kyeong concoct an arrangement that includes purchasing out a rich combination that upholds Chief Myung.

Notwithstanding all the preparation in Compensation, things don’t go as expected. At the point when every last bit of it misfires, Eun-yong consents to a move that Jun-kyeong had arranged all along.

She chooses to confess about the part that she had played for the situation that had outlined her mom as somebody who had paid off a bank official. This will stop her vocation as an examiner in the military, but, she doesn’t appear to be excessively made a fuss over that.

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Eun-yong additionally concurs that this is the best game-plan going ahead. All things considered, he was a slight bit too thoughtless in his arrangements in Restitution, and this prompted him nearly winding up dead by chief Myung’s men. Notwithstanding a companion – – Jin-ho – – Eun-yong would have very much lost his life. Jin-ho is the person who was entrusted with killing Eun-yong, yet an old obligation prevents the hooligan from doing as such.

Now that the dangers and stakes are higher, the inquiry is the way Eun-yong will outmaneuver the chief. Not if, yet how. All things considered, Eun-yong is the main individual to have at any point been effective in moving away from the chief to go into business.

He figured out how to outfox him once in Restitution, so a subsequent time isn’t unthinkable. It would just be a daunting task from here on for every individual who is connected with Eun-yong in any way in the K-show.

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