Percy Jackson Star Logan Lerman To Feature In Hulu’s ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’

Logan Lerman, generally famous as Percy in the Percy Jackson films, will be featured in the approaching variety of Georgia Tracker’s 2017 novel of comparative name, We Were the Lucky Ones, reported Combination.

Impelled by clear events, the series relies upon the blockbuster novel about a Clean Jewish family segregated close to the start, not completely settled to squeeze by and rejoin. Lerman plays Addy, the middle youngster, who is 25 years old close to the start of the contention.

He is a wayfarer who lives in Paris as a fashioner while in like manner getting a charge out of growing achievement as a music essayist, and has an ability to choose some common interest with various people and a capacity to fix anything. Addy’s character is impelled by Tracker’s granddad, who was a youthful individual in the last piece of the 1930s, nuances the dissemination.

Lerman has actually appeared in the film Shot Train and the Amazon Prime Video series Trackers. Beside his driving position in the 2010 and 2013 Percy Jackson films, he is in like manner generally famous for his 2012’s The Upsides of Being a Maverick film where he highlighted nearby Emma Watson. His additional credits consolidate The Butterfly Effect, Hoot, 3:10 to Yuma and Outrage. Most lately, he has appeared in

For We Were the Lucky Ones, Erica Lipez fills in as showrunner while Thomas Kail will organize. Boss creators integrate Lipez; Kail and Jennifer Todd for Old 320 Sycamore; and Adam Milch. Tracker will co-boss produce 20th television is the studio.