Police Looking Into PnB Rock’s Past Rap Beefs For Clues Into His Murder

LAPD have moved forward their examination concerning PnB Rock’s homicide. The Los Angeles Police Division has expanded its examination concerning the homicide of rapper PnB Rock across California state lines as it pursues drives that the rapper’s passing might be connected to “meat” he had with other obscure people from an earlier time.

On Wednesday, TMZ revealed that the homicide examination is currently cutting-edge to the government level as police in Atlanta and Philadelphia (where PnB Rock is from) become involved. LAPD is purportedly looking at the prompts check whether the rapper’s killing was not an irregular demonstration.

PnB Rock was shot and killed during what has been estimated as an endeavored burglary.

At that point, he was out at Roscoe’s Place of Chicken’ N Waffles in South Los Angeles with the mother of his youngster.

There was wide hypothesis that the rapper could have been killed after his child mother shared their live area on her Instagram Stories. Nonetheless, the police supposedly have different leads that recommend that the killing may be a consequence of hamburgers he had previously and was certainly not an irregular burglary.

The police are additionally analyzing Rock’s verses in his tunes to check whether he could have alluded to any conceivable adversary or issues he had with others.

Meanwhile, the LAPD isn’t examining Rock’s child mother as a suspect notwithstanding the hypothesis that she had shared their area minutes before his passing.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles police are as yet searching for the executioner and the skilled accomplice and vehicle after the shooting. The police have likewise alarmed pawn shops to watch out for any individual endeavoring to sell the rapper’s adornments. It’s accounted for that one of his chains was grabbed after he was shot.

Pretty much a month prior to his demise, Rock addressed DJ Akademiks about nearly being ransacked in L. Some time out with his family by gangsters who had followed them.

“Someone gave me a shot [ the Fairfax Road in Los Angeles], as mid-pandemic,” PnB Rock said. “N*ggas was talking clearly as sh** believing me should hear their discussion and it’s like, ‘I’m with my people groups — my little girl and my young lady. For what reason would they say they are discussing this gangsta sh**? What the f*** is going on?’”

PnB Rock added that the men had followed him into a store with his family there and attempted to get into a battle with him, yet he got over it and left the scene.