“Pregnancy comes with unexplainable thrills” Actress Dayo Amusa thrills fans with her pregnancy photo

Nollywood entertainer Dayo Amusa has excited her fans with an exquisite pregnancy photograph of herself via virtual entertainment.

The wonderful entertainer shared a photograph on her Instagram page, showing a noticeable knock. As indicated by the entertainer, pregnancy accompanies unexplainable rushes.

Dayo Amusa presented her job in the film, which expected her to be set as a pregnant lady.

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Fans responding to the post were excited about her job in the film, as many complimented her unimaginable acting abilities.

Kemi Filani reviews that Dayo Amusa uncovered why she remained in a harmful relationship that nearly demolished her life.

The entertainer, through her Instagram page, made this disclosure in response to the passing of gospel artist Osinachi Nwachukwu, who died from wounds caused by her significant other.

I used to be a fixer. I remained in terrible connections, drawing in similar kind of men – men who should have been fixed.
I know such countless ladies similarly situated. We draw in tricking men, responsibility phobic men, depressed men, genuinely harmed men, drunkards, drug victimizers, egomaniacs and sociopaths.

It’s like we are a magnet for men whose pieces are broken out of control. What’s more, for reasons unknown, we feel a sense of urgency to assemble these pieces back.

However, I can’t help but confess, I have bombed each and every time.

I never allowed myself an opportunity to pause for a minute and question my thought processes. Rather than inquiring as to why I continually felt committed to get another person’s messed up pieces, I raced to get them without even batting an eye.
Being magnanimous made me feel that approaching second didn’t make any difference since I was putting another person’s value first. Also, eventually, rank doesn’t make any difference, correct?

I understood that I because drawing in these sorts of men was on the grounds that I accepted I could save them.

As magnanimous, smart, giving ladies, we figure we will be “that lady” — the person who will change them.

We want to transform a miscreant into a reliable beau.

We want to assist him with leaving the medications and liquor.


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We accept we can assist him with moving past his responsibility issues and hold back nothing future with us.

We believe that we can dispose of the psychological weight that he has been conveying for quite a long time.

We draw in these men since we accept they need us.

What’s more, to leave them would be childish, obtuse and merciless.

The miserable news is, that we continually fault ourselves when they don’t change. Each time they bomb us, we believe this is on the grounds that we bombed them.

Their hang on us becomes more grounded; they keep us around realizing they don’t bring anything to the table. It’s simply my view.