Professional Pastry Chef for Five President, Roland Mesnier, Passed Away At 78

Roland Mesnier was an expert French-born emancipated American Pastry Cook. He served 25 years of his functioning a long time in the White House as Executive Pastry Chef. He acquired his standing by working and serving the Presidents of the United States.

By and large, he served 5 distinct Presidents of the United States. He was an imaginative virtuoso in this baked good work. He is one of the longest-serving gourmet specialists in the White House.

Roland Meisner, Pastry Chef for Presidents, Dies at 78 Well known Pastry Chef, Roland Meisner,one of the longest serving gourmet specialists of White House died on August 26,2022 in Burke,Virginia at 78 years old. He died of Cancer on August 22. His demise was affirmed on Saturday by the White House Historical Association.

He frequently made mystical treats for 5 presidents in the White House and he has likewise composed a book named ‘Every one of the President’s Pastries’ before he died. His family is crushed and sorrowful after his downfall.

Roland Meisner Nascency and Bio Mesnier was born on July 4, 1944, in Bonnay, France. He was born into a group of nine kids in the far off valley of Bonnay, France. Roland was born in an enormous family in a small town. He became keen on turning into a gourmet specialist when he previously visited his brother’s pastry kitchen in a close by city.

roland mesnier family Roland was happy by the smell of new organic product in the kitchen. At the point when he matured 14, his mom fixed a studentship for him at a Pastry Shop in Besancon. He worked from 6 am to 8 am six days per week. He was first instructed to make a cake, Brioche, and Croissants.

Roland Meisner Professional Career as a Pastry Chef At the point when he was 14 years, his mom apprenticeship him in a Pastry Shop. he used to work there 6 days every week. Like other youthful understudies, he was additionally given just poor quality undertakings. Furthermore, later he was educated to make cake and baked goods. At 17, he finished his apprenticeship test and started to search for work that can increment the two his abilities and notoriety.

Before long, he found his direction to Paris, working in an eatery and cake shop. He before long dominated it and on the counsel of his manager, he then went to West Germany, where procedures were further developed. He was employed as White House baked good culinary specialist in 1979 by Rosalynn Carter and resigned on July 30, 2004.

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