Raul Guillen murder: 5 things to know

Raul Guillen, a supposed methamphetamine victimizer and father-of-one from Jackson District, disappeared around the Fourth of July few days of 2020. North of a month after the fact, he was in the long run found covered in a shallow grave by specialists who utilized body canines to recover his spoiling remains. He experienced a solitary sunshot twisted to the rear of the head.

Three people – William Shane Parker, the supposed shooter, his then-sweetheart and previous porno star Lauren Wambles, and Jeremie Peters – were consequently captured and accused in association of Guillen’s homicide. Each of the three were condemned to jail, and keeping in mind that Wambles argued no challenge to the charges brought against her, Parker and Peters were viewed as liable at discrete preliminaries.

The case will presently highlight on Oxygen’s forthcoming genuine wrongdoing series called Floribama Murders, which is booked to drop its most memorable episode, Jackson District Treachery, on Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 9 pm ET. This article will additionally talk about key subtleties from the Fourth of July murder of Raul Guillen.

Raul Guillen murder case: Five fast realities to be familiar with the homicide that happened over the Fourth of July weekend in 20201) Raul Guillen was accounted for missing by his little girl around fourth of July in 2020

Guillen disappeared around the Fourth of July, 2020, and was before long detailed missing by his girl Rosa Ambriz, who developed concerned when she neglected to reach out to him. Ambriz let specialists know that she and her mom, Guillen’s ex, expected that he may be in harm’s way. Not long from now before the vanishing, he girl even enlightened agents concerning the time he called her mom requesting cash.

“My dad called my mom, his ex, the day preceding he disappeared and told my mom he was with individuals he accepted to be hazardous, and he expected to escape what is going on. He asked my mom for cash, however she had quite recently moved, and her brain was centered around different things at the time.”2) The examination concerning Guillen’s vanishing was set off when a lady tipped specialists about the homicide

A s*xual attack examination in Jackson Province, which was first detailed in May when a lady professed to have been r*ped by William Shane Parker, filled the examination concerning Guillen’s vanishing. The lady purportedly educated specialists that she thought her flat mate Raul Guillen was killed however couldn’t create any strong proof for something very similar.

While examining the s*xual attack instance of the Jackson Province lady, specialists at the same time began investigating Raul Guillen’s baffling vanishing. After a couple of possible leads, they in the long run reached the resolution that Guillen was killed in Holmes Province after a case break.

Guillen’s most recent whereabouts were followed to the Graceville, Holmes Area, home of 43-year-old Jeremie Odell Peters on Expressway 171. As per reports, Raul Guillen was at the scene with Peters, William Shane Parker, and Lauren Wambles.

Specialists saw Peters’ home and one more property on Thruway 171, gathering data about a potential homicide from the two scenes. Besides, corpse canines doled out to the scene distinguished a shallow grave off Kirkland Street, where the Florida Division of Policing Guillen’s decaying stays subsequent to exhuming the region.

Lauren Wambles, who was named an accessory for the situation, consented to affirm against the two men, William Shane Parker and Jeremie Peters, at their individual preliminaries. Also, she argued no challenge to the charges brought against her. In her declaration, she guaranteed that them four, including the casualty Raul Guillen, shared one thing practically speaking: they all did methamphetamine.

She affirmed that she saw Parker, her then-beau and her unborn kid’s dad, shoot the casualty on July 4, 2020, toward the rear of the head. He then, at that point, stuffed soil into Guillen’s mouth and nose, who was as yet alive at that point. The two men then, at that point, dug a three-foot grave where they covered his body, which was seen as later in August.

5) Three people were sentenced in the 2020 Fourth of July murder instance of Raul Guillen

Three people, specifically William Shane Parker, Lauren Wambles, and Jeremie Peters, were sentenced in association with Raul Guillen’s 2020 homicide case. Wambles was allowed a ten-year sentence with five years of probation and Peters was allowed a 20-year sentence. Be that as it may, Parker was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole with five extra years to be served sequentially.

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