Ray J Claims Kris Jenner Was The “Mastermind” Behind His *Leaked* Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape accepted the crown as the most disputable sex tape in mainstream society — that was until Ray J and Kim Kardashian stepped on the scene and got everyone’s attention. In 2007, Ray J and Kim broke the web with their notorious sex tape.

Once more than twenty years after the fact, the stars have set online entertainment burning. In the wake of being quiet about the *leaked* video for quite a long time, Ray J took to online entertainment to share his side of the story in a progression of recordings that have since circulated around the web.

As indicated by Ray J, Kris Jenner saw the sex tape as well as authorized its delivery. What’s more, he professes to have the receipts to demonstrate it. Peruse on for more about the ex-couple’s continuous meat! Beam J is moving! What did he say regarding his sex tape with Kim Kardashian? The Kardashians made its presentation on Hulu in April 2022. In the series, Kim shared her doubts that her ex-darling might have clutched unreleased film from their past meeting.

Thus, her then-spouse Kanye West stepped in to mediate and recover the information being referred to. Yet, Ray J’s problem with the Kardashians didn’t end there. The performer made cursing charges about the family in a May 2022 meeting with the Daily Mail.

Before, Ray J has been faulted for releasing the express video to the media. Despite the fact that Ray J professes to lament the sex tape, he keeps up with that the two of them agreed to its delivery. “For my purposes, I’ve been treading lightly believing I will cause problems for coming clean and I’ve been clutching it for the beyond 14 years and watching them embarrass me.”

He told the power source, “I simply believe my girl and my child should see the value in what I’ve done here on Earth and realize that their father doesn’t go for taking advantage of ladies, disregarding ladies, and spilling film of somebody who didn’t give consent.”

Kris Jenner took an untruth identifier with John Grogan on ‘The Late Show with James Corden.’
Months after the fact, Ray J returned to those cases after Kris showed up on The Late Show with James Corden to take an untruth identifier test.

On the Sept. 8 episode, Kris was found out if she had a say in the arrival of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape. At last, she denied it. After the untruth locator results were delivered on the web, Ray J multiplied down on his cases. The Love and Hip Hop star guaranteed that he and Kim shot a sum of three sex tapes.
In after creation, only one of them got it done. Furthermore, he called polygraph inspector John Leo Grogan a fake.

In a 28-minute message to Kim and Kris on Instagram, Ray J guaranteed, “You will attempt to squash my profession, make me look bad when you realize you was the genius. Kris, you realize you ran the play.”

What was Kim Kardashian’s reaction to Ray J’s cases about her and Kris Jenner? Lately, Kim and Kris have not answered openly to Ray J’s charges. Be that as it may, they’ll have a lot of chance to address them. Beam J said his fight with the Kardashians has just barely started and prodded that there’s more data to come on the off chance that he isn’t released an open acknowledgment.

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