Real story behind Rita Dominic ‘giving birth to twins’- Source reveals

Mildred Okwo, Rita Dominic’s colleague and veteran entertainer, has stood up in light of tales that she has brought forth twins.

The news that Rita, who got hitched recently, was currently a mother, turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

In any case, it made people send congrats even without being recognized. Mildred has now discredited the story, saying that the photograph was really taken on a bunch of a film.

IN A Talk WITH NEWSMEN, OKWO SAID: “YOU SEE Someone ON SET TODAY, AND THE Following DAY THEY HAVE TWINS; I Don’t Have the foggiest idea.

“IF RITA HAS HAD A Kid, Could I NOT SEND An Official statement TO You folks? Normal, IT Doesn’t Seem OK.

“Might YOU at any point Envision? SHE Snapped A Photo WHILE ON A Film SET. SHE POSTED An Image; SHE IS ON A Film SET; Perhaps I Ought to CALL HER TO See whether SHE HAS Conceived an offspring.

“BLOGGERS ARE Hawking Counterfeit Information. Benevolently Overlook THEM. In the event that SHE HAS A Youngster, It IS Basically impossible that THAT I Wouldn’t MAKE THE Declaration AND I WILL NOT Converse with BLOGGERS.”