Rita Ora Denies Rumor She Was ‘Becky’ on Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’: ‘Take Things with a Pinch a Salt’

For Rita Ora, now is the ideal time to make lemonade out of lemons.

Over six years after talk surfaced that Ora was “Becky with the great hair” in Beyoncé’s hit tune “Sorry,” the U.K.- based pop star, 32, is closing down the gossip plant.

“Good gracious, it in a real sense was a happenstance,” Ora told Louis Theroux in a new meeting on his BBC digital broadcast, Louis Theroux Meetings…

“I didn’t actually consider it, No doubt about it. Furthermore, it was anything but a J, it was a R. They flipped it ’round and afterward it seemed to be a J,” she says of the neckband highlighting her most memorable starting that she wore in a contentious 2016 Snapchat photograph that persuaded fans to think the verse was about her.

Theroux then inquired as to whether the lemon-applique bra she was donning in a similar snap was in any capacity intended to move interest about JAY-Z directly following spouse Beyoncé appearing the 2016 collection Lemonade. Ora was vehement in her reply.

“No, it had nothing [to do with it]. No, that was my own plan with a clothing organization called Tezenis that I was working with,” she said.

“This is the very thing I mean, man. A spot of salt,” she proceeded. “You must take things with a spot of salt.

Furthermore, that is what’s crazy. I needed to simply endure that until an old buddy of mine, Katy Perry, gave me a clever identification that said ‘not Becky’.”

Beyoncé, as far as it matters for her, drove grants season that year, scoring nine Grammy designations for Lemonade and winning two honors.

The collection was loaded up with subjects of treachery all through its verses, driving many fans to accept JAY-Z might have betrayed his better half.

Track 3 on the collection, “Sorry”, highlights the now-famous verses, “You possibly need me when I’m not there/You better call Becky with the great hair.” Ora’s poorly coordinated Snapchat passed on numerous to inaccurately expect she was “Becky,” and that both the lemon bra and ‘J’ neckband were gestures to conceivable contribution with JAY-Z.

What’s more, Ora isn’t the main lady remembered to have been Becky, all things considered. Soon after the collection’s delivery, Rachel Roy, the ex of one of JAY-Z’s companions, posted a since-erased Instagram with the subtitle, “Great hair couldn’t care less, however we will take great lighting, for selfies, or self bits of insight, consistently” — the “great hair” part of which many took to be a reference to Beyoncé’s verses. Becky, as far as it matters for her, has no affirmed character six years post-Lemonade.

“It’s fascinating because I feel like everybody is exceptionally keen on my own life, similar to all the other things isn’t sufficiently commendable,” Ora finished up during her meeting with Theroux.

“Which, some of the time, is disappointing in light of the fact that I have likewise got a ton of qualifications to support my regard.”

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