Seattle police arrest suspect in Ingraham High School shooting

SEATTLE — Seattle police captured a suspect in a taking shots at a north Seattle secondary school Tuesday morning that left one individual harmed.

The shooting occurred at Ingraham Secondary School on North 135th Road not long before 10 a.m.

Tuesday, Seattle police said. Officials entered the school and found one individual with a discharge wound and gave help until doctors showed up, police said.

They didn’t distinguish the person in question or say whether it was an understudy.

The casualty was taken to Harborview Clinical Center with hazardous wounds, police said.

Officials got the school and at 11:10 a.m. police said they had captured the suspect.

With the site got, police were working with Seattle Government funded Schools to set up a reunification site at Meridian Road North and North 135th Road. They likewise were fostering a transportation plan for understudies who can’t be gotten up reunification site.

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