Serial killer William Reece: 5 things to know about Friendswood criminal

William Reece, a chronic executioner previously carrying out a demise punishment for the homicide of a lady in Oklahoma, confessed to killing three Texas young ladies in 1997. The killings went inexplicable for quite a long time until last June when he at long last admitted that he was behind their vanishings and passings.

CBS’ episode of 48 Hours, named The Little girls Who Vanished, will reveal insight into the terrible deeds of William Reece.

Reece as of late admitted to the homicides of Kelli Ann Cox, 20, Laura Kate Smither, 12, Jessica Lee Cain, 17, and Tiffany Johnston, 19.

He carried out four homicides and one hijacking during a five-month time frame in 1997, going on a vicious killing frenzy all through Texas and Oklahoma. He carried out the killings subsequent to spending time in jail in prison for the r*pe of two ladies in Oklahoma. It took specialists very nearly 20 years before he was associated with the strange murders.

William Reece: Five speedy realities to be aware of the sentenced chronic executioner on death row1) William Reece was genuinely oppressive towards his most memorable spouse

William Reece wedded a lady named Judy Blazing in 1979 after she got pregnant and not long after their marriage, he enlisted in the Oklahoma Public Gatekeeper for a brief time. A year after they got hitched, his significant other sought legal separation, however Reece convinced her to remarry him, and the couple before long had their subsequent youngster.

As indicated by Blazing, Reese began drinking vigorously and getting savage. In 1982, she even recorded a police report after he genuinely attacked her, expressing that her better half taken steps to kill her with a blade and a shotgun. She then separated from him briefly time. Reece remarried, however a couple of months after the fact, his subsequent spouse sought legal separation.

William Reece kidnapped the 19-year-old little girl of a sheriff’s official in April 1986. He was functioning as a transporter at that point, and he supposedly persuaded her to get in his vehicle by promising to take her to the nearest pay telephone. All things considered, he tied her up and r*ped her. In any case, the casualty figured out how to get away and report the occurrence to specialists. Reece was captured and charged yet went free after bail.

Yet again a month after his bail, Reece attacked one more lady while still on the run and was captured. He was taken a stab at two r*pe charges, viewed as liable, and allowed a 25-year prison term. Notwithstanding, an allure showed that Reece’s indictment case had procedural blemishes, which prompted a decrease in his sentence and him being conceded parole in October 1996.

Reece moved to his mom’s home in Anadarko, Oklahoma, upon his delivery. He got his permit back in mid 1997 and in the end moved to Houston, Texas.

Reece was named as a suspect in the capturing and endeavored r*pe of Sandra Sapaugh, 19, in the fall of 1997. She guaranteed that in May 1997, Reece baited her into his truck by offering her assistance with a punctured tire circumstance. He then, at that point, attacked her and tied her wrists prior to driving off.

Sapaugh had the option to get away from the ties and leap out of the vehicle, experiencing horrible wounds simultaneously. She endure the occurrence and detailed it to specialists. She had the option to recognize her aggressor and uncovered his tag number once put under spellbinding. She even distinguished Reece in a police photograph data set, which brought about his definitive capture.

In 1997, Reece was seen as at legitimate fault for the seizing charge and allowed a 60-year prison term. Reece was associated by the police with being associated with the vanishing of three high school young ladies from Houston and the close by rural areas, one of whom was most recently seen alive and thusly found dead near his work environment.

4) In 2021, Reece was condemned to death for the homicide of Tiffany Johnston

Reece began assisting with the examinations concerning different killings in 2016 while serving a 60-year prison term for the 1998 Texas seizing of Sandra Sapaugh. He was moved from Texas to Oklahoma in July to have to deal with Johnston’s homicide penalties there. The preliminary started on April 21, 2017, however was dismissed until June 2019.

The preliminary was by and by deferred endlessly because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and began in May 2021. He was at last tracked down liable on all charges by a jury on May 28 following quite a while of deferrals, and the Oklahoma Region Locale Court officially condemned him to death in August.

William Reece got back to Texas to confront equity for the killings of Laura Smither, Kelli Cox, and Jessica Cain subsequent to being sentenced in the homicide of Tiffany Johnston. The 62-year-old confessed to the homicides of Laura Smither of Friendswood, Jessica Cain of Tiki Island, and Kelli Cox of Denton in 1997.

Reece was at that point waiting for capital punishment when he confessed and was additionally condemned to life in jail for each situation.

Study the case on CBS’ 48 Hours episode named The Little girls Who Vanished.