SEVENTEEN Seungkwan covers Taeyeon’s Time Lapse as a birthday gift to CARATs

On January 15, 2023, which was SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s birthday, the icon delivered a front of Taeyeon’s Time Slip by as a present for fans, who were hypnotized with the track. The cover was transferred to YouTube with a depiction that sends an inspiring message to CARATs (SEVENTEEN being a fan).

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan has spoken about covering this specific track many times previously. The icon, who has been vocal about his adoration and regard for his senior Taeyeon, shared that he has been dealing with covering the last’s melody for some time now. In his message to fans, Seungkwan made sense of that Time Pass holds a unique spot in his heart, which made it particularly hard for him to cover the melody.

In spite of his numerous ditherings, fans were glad that Seungkwan at last delivered the cover. As fans stood by listening to the track that the two craftsmen have sung at various phases of their professions, they really wanted to give Seungkwan love and backing. Normally, Twitter was overwhelmed with tweets that applauded the birthday kid for his unrivaled vocals that do equity to the first melody.

Its an obvious fact that SEVENTEEN Seungkwan is quite possibly of the best entertainer in the K-pop industry. Be it hitting triple-high notes or going low with warm vocals, he has all that it takes to be marked as the primary entertainer of SEVENTEEN legitimately. His front of Taeyeon’s Time Slip by has just additionally solidified the title that he gladly holds.

After a significant stretch of uncertainty concerning which melody to cover- – Drawing Our Minutes or Time Slip by Taeyeon- – Seungkwan at last made due with the last option and fans couldn’t be more joyful with his decision. The contacting verses and Seungkwan’s feeling rich vocals enchanted fans, who couldn’t quit discussing how delightful the cover is.

Nonetheless, this isn’t whenever Seungkwan first has served genuinely contacting covers, including Taeyeon’s Drawing Our Minutes, IU’s Affection Sonnet, and Park Hyo-shin’s Lovely Tomorrow. He has likewise covered tunes from western craftsmen, for example, Harry Styles’ As It Was and Lizzo’s Juice, which he covered alongside Lee Youthful ji.

There will never be been the point at which Seungkwan’s front of a melody hasn’t been all the rage. While his job as a performer has previously succeeded incredibly inferable from his commitments to SEVENTEEN, his job as a soloist exhibits considerably more aspect to his voice. From covering OSTs and anthems to English pop melodies, Seungkwan’s capacity to push his viewpoints and challenge himself with various classes and melodic styles never disappoints his fans.

Following his guarantee to sing with his entire existence this year as well, fans are eager to hear additional hypnotizing tunes coming from SEVENTEEN Seungkwan. Likewise, with the BooSeokSoon rebound with Unexpected surge of energy being close to the corner, CARATs are anxiously anticipating its delivery and anticipating everything coming up for them.

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