“She loves the black eye attention”: RHOSLC fans are annoyed at Heather Gay for dragging her “black eye” storyline

Following seven days in length break, The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) season 3 got back to Bravo with a spic and span episode.

In the most recent episode 13, Heather Gay’s bruised eye storyline was the most anticipated portion. The RHOSLC star has been hauling the subject for quite some time and fans are presently baffled with her. Yet again subsequent to watching the new episode, watchers got more irritated at Heather as she didn’t come clean. Fans felt that she played the storyline to look for consideration.

Heather got a bruised eye during their San Diego trip. Following an inebriated evening, she awakened with a harmed eye and when everybody asked how it worked out, she continued to say she didn’t have the foggiest idea or didn’t recall. Notwithstanding, Heather uncovered in a confession booth that she recollected what befell her however didn’t have any desire to discuss it.

Fans found Heather Gay’s back eye storyline “maddening”

Since the mid-season trailer of RHOSLC season 3, fans have been interested to figure out what befell Heather Gay’s eye. The occurrence circulated in episode 11 and the organization has been hauling the plotline from that point onward.

Heather wouldn’t come clean on the show and continued to say that she didn’t have any idea. She additionally inferred that she recalled what happened however believed the individual should approach and recount the story.

In the most recent episode, the Bravo star raised the subject yet would not say how it worked out. Fans were irritated at her for hauling the storyline for another episode. A few fans saw as her “irritating” and referred to her eye storyline as “disillusionment.”

Investigate fans’ responses:

In RHOSLC season 3 episode 13, Heather was seen poking fun at her bruised eye however was hesitant to come clean. After the gathering got back to Salt Lake City, Heather visited Angie Harrington’s home.

The last option was not welcome to the San Diego trip, so she got to be aware from different ladies about her companion’s bruised eye. Angie H got some information about her physical issue, and the last option answered by expressing that it was a “stupid bruised eye.”

Angie H attempted to recover profound and find who did this to Heather. The host’s endeavors were to no end as Heather would not discuss the occurrence. Nonetheless, she left Angie H pondering by referencing that she recalls yet won’t discuss it.

Heather responded the same way when Whitney Rose attempted to scrutinize her about her eye.

RHOSLC cast estimate Jen Shah has something to do with Heather’s bruised eye

Episode 13 of RHOSLC season 3 showed the ladies discussing Heather Gay’s bruised eye and guessing that Jen Shah had something to do with it.

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At Meredith Marks’ cause occasion, Lisa Barlow, Angie Katsanevas, and Danna Bui-Negrete were seen examining the San Diego occurrence. They referenced that Heather was intoxicated the night prior to the bruised eye occurrence. Until late around evening time, Jen, Angie K, and Meredith were hanging out in Heather’s room. The ladies further guaranteed that Jen could have hit her in her tanked state.

In episode 13, Angie H quietly found out if Jen had a say in the eye circumstance. She asserted that Heather was attempting to safeguard the individual who did it to her. Be that as it may, Heather uncovered nothing.

One week from now, RHOSLC season 3 will air its finale episode. The reality of the situation will come out eventually whether fans will actually want to figure out the bruised eye truth in episode 14.

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