Shenseea Opens To Drake Collab, Admits She Cheated On Her Boyfriend

Shenseea says she is completely open to teaming up with Drake. Last year while everybody was chattering about Shenseea and Drake, the Jamaican vocalist was occupied with bothering her art; she didn’t allow the commotion to divert her. Quick forward a while later, she conveyed her most memorable collection of work, Alpha, to basic recognition.

While there was no Drake cooperation on the undertaking, she was still in the titles alongside the Canadian rapper.

During his press run for her collection, Shenseea at last tended to the bits of hearsay, which was a few months after she denied truly being pregnant for Drizzy. In July last year, she talked about going through a time of misery set off by her mom’s unexpected passing. In a similar IG Live, she clarified that the pregnancy reports were completely manufactured by an anonymous blogger who spread different bits of hearsay about her.

After a year, ShenYeng is as yet being gotten some information about the bits of hearsay, yet she is a lot of mindful that it goes with the job of being well known. Shenseea showed up on The Shade Room’s ‘Keep It 100’ web recording yesterday (September 16), where she again denied dating Drake and whether she would work together with him assuming the opportunity emerges.

“I would make a record with Drake. He’s really capable,” ShenYeng said, adding that she is energetic about music there is no animosity between them. “So obviously what difference would it make. I’m energetic about my music so when it hits on stuff like that, as long as we have no animosity, let the public talk. I don’t generally approve of Drake.”

Shenseea likewise uncovered that she and Drake have cleaved it up previously, yet nothing somewhat near what the tales proposed. “We’ve had discussions previously,” she added. “Be that as it may, to the place where they’re discussing us doing whatever? I swear on my life — no. That got me distraught because like, don’t play with my vajayjay like that.”

Shenseea was likewise called out about whether she has at any point undermined her accomplices. Shockingly, she conceded that she cheated, despite the fact that she didn’t uncover the name of her beau with whom she undermined. The 25-year-old craftsman is supposed to date London On Da Track.

“I’ve bamboozled in a relationship previously,” she said. “Yet, it was a situation where the individual undermined me. I’m exceptionally steadfast, extremely loyal. I don’t for even a moment be a tease. I don’t find another man appealing on the off chance that I’m conversing with you.”

“So it resembles he undermined me and he came clean with me since I thought something and he came clean with me and I said, ‘brother, I truly was so great to you for an entire year. Like, I never considered you to be this sort of individual’,” she added. “Being the Libra that I am and I need to adjust things, I’m the kind of young lady it’s possibly I will undermine you or I will leave you.”

Shenseea likewise dropped a few hints for any man considering sliding in her DMs, saying that anything regarding work will probably stand out, being that she is a hawker who is centered around her art. Concerning whether she will get to team up with Drake or perhaps date him, the reality of the situation will surface eventually.

Meanwhile, the Jamaican stunner is right now dealing with her sophomore collection, an undertaking she said will be not normal for any of her past work.

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