Simpsons Thanksgiving Episodes List and Ranking

Five episodes of Thanksgiving of The Simpsons have been delivered for north of thirty years. Also, watchers can constantly return and watch those in special times of year.

The Christmas season requires some tomfoolery, and what else could be preferable over watching your number one show and its vacation episodes? One of the demonstrates the way that the watchers could watch is The Simpsons, as Thanksgiving is around the bend.

However, it is very astonishing that The Simpsons have been managing everything for a long time now, yet a couple of times have they observed Thanksgiving, composes Screenrant. There are 19 Christmas specials, however not very many episodes for Thanksgiving.

The season where the Thanksgiving episode debuted is Season 2, Season 12, Season 13, Season 23, and Season 31. Here are the rundown and positions of the Thanksgiving episodes.

1. Bart Versus Thanksgiving Bart Versus Thanksgiving is the seventh episode of the second time of The Simpsons. In this episode, Bart ruins Thanksgiving as he annihilates Lisa’s highlight. Then, he pursues away from home Homer and Marge fault him for the episode and request that he apologize to Lisa.

In any case, the kin accommodate as Bart gets back subsequent to seeing the small existences of the vagrants at the breadline. The compromise of the kin after the disaster area is clashing and contacting.

In like manner, the concise look at Thanksgiving in a soup kitchen likewise depicts a harsh reality, and yet, it offers that there is still grace on the planet and occasion is for all to celebrate.

2. Homer versus Nobility In Homer Versus Nobility episode, in the twelfth season, the Simpsons family attempts to eat and run as Homer’s Visa gets dismissed. All things being equal, the family is made to perform and engage the visitor to work off their bill.

As the Simpson family arrives where they need to declare insolvency a few times, Homer attempts to ask his supervisor for a raise. However, his manager requests that he become a trick cash and causes him to cause things that damage his nobility. A panda even attacked him in the zoo.

His little girl, Lisa, learns about it and requests that her dad quit doing those things as his respect is a higher priority than cash. So all things considered, he spends the cash he brought in being trick cash for gifts.

Afterward, he was proposed to turn into a St Nick Claus to disseminate toys to children, and he dismissed his supervisor’s 1,000,000 dollar proposition to become trick cash indeed, it means quite a bit to say his nobility.

3. Homer The Moe Homer The Moe may not seem like it is connected with Thanksgiving by any stretch of the imagination, yet the tone of the storyline is like that of Bart Versus Thanksgiving. Moe gets back to bartending school in the third episode of the thirteenth season to revive his enthusiasm for the art.

Also, as he returns, he revamps his bar, which doesn’t fit with Homer’s and other customary’s preferences. Homer feels unwanted and chooses to open his own hunting lodge as a reason to serve alcohol to him and Lenny, Carl, and Barney.

Then again, Moe laments changing his bar into something strange and feels awful for disregarding his regulars, who are like companions. Toward the finish of the episode, the Simpson family gets back to Moe’s bar to go to a Thanksgiving supper, and Homer reaffirms their relationship.

4. Occasions of Future Passed Occasions of Future Passed is the 10th episode of the 23rd season. It shows a jump of thirty years into Simpson’s day to day’s life.

Subsequent to finishing the thanksgiving supper, the time has come to take Christmas pictures, and as Bart is grumbling about his mom’s words about him having children, the family snaps the picture, a difficulty of the Simson family’s Christmas follows, and the episode hops thirty years into what’s in store.

Later on, Bart is separated and has two children, yet he doesn’t meet them much. Lisa is hitched and has a girl named Zia. Maggie is a vocalist and is pregnant with a kid.

For the most part a Christmas episode closes with Homer, Bart, and Lisa pardoning their friends and family and accommodating with them eventually. Homer excuses his granddad for his imperfect nurturing, and Lisa and Bart reconnect with their kids.

An endearing episode shows families ought to excuse each other’s imperfections and reclaim their slip-ups.

5. Thanksgiving of Loathsomeness The Thanksgiving of Loathsomeness form of Treehouse of Frightfulness displayed according to Turkey’s perspective. The essayist Dan Vebbel said that he believed the audience should know how it feels at Thanksgiving assuming you are a turkey.

In the eighth episode of season 31, a portion of the relatives of the Simpsons and some other Springfield occupants are displayed as a turkey. The pioneers chase down Turkeys for thier Thanksgiving supper, and Homer is among them caught.

He watches other turkeys with sickening dread as they are butchered yet fortunately, as his turn comes, individuals begin to run off in alarm as the Grampa adaptation of Turkey goes around with his head off.

Homer figures out how to get away from the trackers and rejoin with his family while remarking that the times will turn dull for them as Thanksgiving turns into a human custom.

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