Sofia Coppola Directing Priscilla Presley Biopic

With Elvis really getting cash in the film world and on electronic, right now is apparently the best entryway to think a film potentially of the primary person in his life, who is simply in some cases saw in Baz Luhrmann’s record of Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker: Priscilla Presley. Sofia Coppola is expecting to balance that out with Priscilla, which will star Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi.

Coppola, who has been expecting to make this her advancement to On The Rocks, changed the content from Presley’s 1985 book Elvis And Me, which shared all pertinent data of her life married to the man.

According to Cutoff time’s sources, Coppola has had Spaeny as her top choice for Priscilla since she initially decided to make the film, while Elordi won the work in a tryout. Playing Elvis in the shadow of Austin Steward’s star-creation work in the ongoing year’s movie seems like no basic achievement, yet with Coppola’s bearing, there’s trust.

Priscilla should shoot before the year’s end, but there’s no conveyance date set for the film yet.

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