“Some Politicians Are The Ones Trying To Turn Peter Obi Into An Igbo Presidency. ” -Kenneth Okonkwo

“A few Legislators Are The Ones Making an endeavor To Flip Peter Obi Into An Igbo Administration. ” – Kenneth Okonkwo, #quotSome #Politicians #Flip #Peter #Obi #Igbo #Presidency #quot #Kenneth #Okonkwo Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, That is the freshest breaking data and moving transmission that now we currently have now for you right this second: :

Kenneth Okonkwo, a Nigerian veteran entertainer, legal counselor, and legislator who joined the Work Party only half a month prior to now to help Peter Obi’s administration, has been blamed for supporting the Work Get-together official competitor because of he’s an Igbo man like him.

In any case, he has emerged to clarify this all via his meetings with Come up television, Kenneth Okonkwo recognized not entirely settled to help Peter Obi by virtue of he accepted he’s mainly undoubtedly presumably the most authorized, not because of he was from the southeast or an Igbo man like him.

With regards to him, scarcely some legislator’s attempting to cause Peter Obi to seem, by all accounts, to be an Igbo administration, which isn’t correct by virtue of Peter Obi is scarcely a lawmaker who’s from the southeast and has each fitting to wish to be the leader of Nigeria exceptionally like all individuals else. He moreover recognized these which can be controlling Peter Obi’s administration shouldn’t even Igbo, refering to Afenifere for example, who has freely pronounced help for Peter Obi.

He recognized, “When I joined the work get-together, some young for the most part called me saying a few lawmakers had been telling them to not help Peter Obi by virtue of he doesn’t have improvement and he won’t win. Truly, an assortment of these lawmakers are even from the southeast. A couple of these lawmakers have continued cross country television to say this. They’re these attempting to even out him into an Igbo president. I truly do realize that there are even completely totally various people from completely totally various components of the country which can be safeguarding Peter Obi, but I’m saying it now that Peter Obi is scarcely a lawmaker from the southeast who should be leader of Nigeria. “

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