Stanford Trackster Charles Hicks Won The NCAA Cross Country Championship 2022

Charles Hicks is 21 years of age and a track sprinter from Stanford College. Hicks was born on July 25, 2001, in London.

Stanford champion entertainer Charles Hicks is a six-time All-American olympic style sports competitor and downright mind-blowing. He is a senior in games studying mental science as he partakes in the merest of human brain research.

Hicks focused on Stanford in 2019 as a first year recruit from The Bolles School. He got a fractional grant as monetary guide worth 60 thousand bucks.

Hicks was born in London and lived there till he was 12 years old. His family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, wanting to track down a superior school for himself as well as his profession as a Trackster.

Charles Hicks Age And Birthday  Charles Hicks praises his birthday on July 25 consistently. Hicks is 21 years of age, in view of an Instagram post from his sweetheart.

Age 21 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 10 inches
Weight 136 pounds
Father David Hicks
Mother Margaret Hicks
Sisters Helen and Eliza Hicks
Uncle John Corse Jr.
Cousin Alexa Corse
Girlfriend Jordan aka Jojo

Incidentally, his sweetheart Jojo commends her birthday two days sooner than him. She was born on July 23, 2003, and is 19.

Charles experienced childhood in the Unified Realm with his two sisters. He lived there until he was 12 and was going to join secondary school. Hicks used to play soccer and run tracks since his initial school days.

He frequently shared those vital snapshots of him and his companions in school. As far as possible back in 2013, he posted those photographs on Instagram prior to moving to the States.

How Tall Is Charles Hicks? Level In Feet  Charles Hicks, a track star and sprinter, is 5 feet and 12 inches tall.

Gatorade selected him as the crosscountry player of the year in 2018, where Hicks’ level counted 1.76 meters. The number was normal for a competitor in school. At Stanford, he has developed genuinely and intellectually over those four years.

Charles Hicks has a body weight of 136 pounds, comparable to 62 Kg.

He has a strong form with extended legs as a sprinter and track competitor. However much he runs, he jumps at the chance to figure out and invest the rec center energy.

Charles And Sweetheart JoJo Celebrate 6 Years Together  Charles Hicks and his better half Jojo are secondary school darlings. They met in 2016 while Hicks was at The Bolles School in Jacksonville.

He was a sophomore at age 15, and Jordan, otherwise known as Jojo, was a lesser and only 13 at that point. The two of them esteemed their fellowship which transformed into their most memorable love for one another.

In the wake of hanging out for about a year, they met each other guardians as Hicks actually recalls his mother Margaret facilitating a supper.

The pair have forever been each other’s organization as they were the power couple in secondary school and school. Charles and Jordan went to a secondary school prom on February 19, 2017.

Consistently, they recollect their commemoration like they have known one another for quite a long time. It’s now been six years, in Walk 2022, since the day they met.

They remembered the second by sharing a video snap of the time they had spent together.  Inside Charles Hicks Family   Charles Hicks guardians resided in the Assembled Realm, where he was born. His father David and mother, Margaret Hicks, were London locals.  They came from an Old English Saxon family beginning. The Hicks family was all into sports as they watched English football together. Charles actually recollects that him as a youngster when they watched Stockpile in the English Head Association.

Charles grew up with sisters and companions who used to hang out at the house. Hicks has two kin, Eliza and Helen. Charles and Helen seem to be a doppelganger, and he even posted a photograph with a similar inscription on November 25, 2016, in the wake of moving to the US.

Charles likewise has an uncle, John Corse Jr., who went to Stanford and was a school tennis player. John has forever been his actual mentor pushing him for difficult work.

Similarly, he has one more competitor in the family, his cousin, Alexa Corse, who is an Equestrian and is presently at Stanford College.