Steve Harvey Praises Daughter Lori After Michael B. Jordan Split: ‘She’s in a Really Good Place’

Steve Harvey says his little girl Lori Harvey is “in a great spot in her life at the present time” after her split from Michael B. Jordan.

On Tuesday, Steve, 65, said during his appearance on Today with Hoda and Jenna that while he is “not permitted to discuss anything” in regards to his little girl’s very own life, he’s certain that Lori, 25, has “done a truly great job of sorting it out and taking care of business.” “See I need to be cautious about how I respond to this,” Steve said, when asked by cohost Jenna Bramble Hager on the off chance that he offered Lori “any guidance” after she and 35-year-old Jordan headed out in different directions in June 2022. “My little girl is in my behind!”

“I’m not permitted to discuss anything. I’ve offered her guidance many times however you know, it’s troublesome because she’s 25,” Steve proceeded. “She’s growing up as an individual of note.

She doesn’t get to commit her errors like every other person. Every other person will commit their errors in the shroud of dimness at your home. Hers gets pitched.”

“In any case, she’s done a truly great job of sorting it out and taking care of business,” he added. “What’s more, I believe she’s in a great spot in her life at the present time.

I believe she’s content with Lori and I feel that is an extraordinary spot for her to begin from.” After Today cohost Hoda Kotb commended Lori for stating she’s “being a little narrow minded at this moment” in her new Quintessence magazine main story, Steve declared that the best connections come “when you get the best out of yourself.”

“On the off chance that you come into a relationship needing, requiring, void — when you come in unfilled, an individual can fill you anything they desire,” Steve said on Today.

“In any case, assuming that you come in full? I’m as of now full so presently I want you to make augmentations.”

“I needn’t bother with you to pour anything in me,” the joke artist added, wrapping up his recommendation. “That normally don’t work out.” After Lori and Jordan’s separation, a source near the model and force to be reckoned with let Individuals know that Lori “wasn’t prepared to commit” in the midst of an emphasis on her profession over a close connection.

As per the insider, Lori “understood that they weren’t in total agreement” while she and Jordan “were making arrangements for their future.” “She actually needs to have a great time and be free,” the source said at that point. “Michael is an incredible person. She is miserable that their relationship didn’t work out, yet she is continuing on.”

A source near the couple affirmed to Individuals in June 2022 that they had tapped out in the wake of dating for eighteen months.

“Michael and Lori are both totally devastated,” the insider said at that point. “They actually love one another.”

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