Stray Kids release stunning concept photos & tracklist for their upcoming Japanese album, THE SOUND

On January 16, 2023, Stray Children at last started advancing their most memorable full-length Japanese collection, THE SECOND. They showed two distinct ideas in their Coat Shoot, modeling for both gathering and individual shots.

One picture saw the eight individuals wearing dark cowhide and dim blue glittery garments with traces of white, while the second highlighted them in bright outfits. The two ideas saw Stray Children presented in a room loaded up with instruments and other stylish decorations.

The collection, which is set to deliver on February 22, 2023, is said to comprise of 11 tunes with six new tracks, one instrumental number, one recently delivered Japanese melody, and three Japanese forms of their prior Korean tracks.

Following the arrival of the Coat Shoot and tracklist of Stray Children’s THE SOUND, fans have been on a close to home rollercoaster as they attempt to sort out the class and the importance behind the collection’s name and idea shots. Taking into account that their past collection NOEASY had a comparable name and idea, fans conjecture that THE SOUND might be a continuation or a spin-off of the collection.

Known for making great clamor music that at first acquired a ton of analysis, incidentally one of the most loved kinds STAYs love to hear from Stray Children. With the idea photographs transmitting a great deal of dynamic tones matched with instruments, fans can’t resist the urge to expect the arrival of their incredible collection, NOEASY.

In addition, fans are particularly anticipating the collection subsequent to discovering that two of the Wanderer Children individuals, Hyunjin and Seungmin, likewise partook in the composition and organization of the collection. Hyunjin was associated with composing and creating DLMLU, while Seungmin did likewise for Novel. The two tunes are additionally supposed to be important with respect to their verses.

Normally, the thrilling news has left STAYs flooding Twitter with hypotheses, assessments, and responses to the collection’s idea photographs and fascinating tracklist. Given their promising discography, which continues to get better with every rebound, fans are amped up for what THE SOUND has coming up for them.

While they have delivered numerous Japanese tracks previously, this will be their most memorable time carrying out an undeniable collection in Japanese. With individual support from the individuals and an intriguing idea, STAYs can hardly hang tight for the collection to at long last move about.

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