Summer Myomick GoFundMe: Family launches fundraiser as mother and son dies in Alaskan polar bear attack

On Tuesday, January 17, Summer Myomick and her child lost their lives in a polar bear assault in the Alaskan town of Ridges. A GoFundMe page has been set up by a family companion for the memorial service costs of the mother-of-two.

As per the pledge drive, the assault on January 17 was the primary deadly polar bear assault in Gold country in more than 30 years. Following late electrical issues at their home in the town of St Michael, Summer Myomick and her family were uprooted when misfortune struck. Her child, Clyde Ongtowasruk III, was just a year old.

What has been going on with Summer Myomick and her child? School chief adulated for saving lives in the midst of misfortune
24-year-old Summer Myomick and her newborn child were mercilessly battered to death by a polar bear at around 2.30 pm on Tuesday. The mother-child pair encountered a polar bear outside Kingikmuit School in Grains. The assault went on until a nearby lethally shot the bear.

A GoFundMe page set up by a companion portrayed Summer Myomick as a “gave mother” to her child Clyde and 3-year-old girl Avatia. Cynthia Bunny composed:

“She was thoughtful and cherished by all in her town of St Michael, and her second home Ridges. She was a youthful mother who was unquestionably glad for her two youthful children.”
As of Saturday, the pledge drive has raised more than $19,000. The assets will be utilized to cover burial service costs, food, and airfare for relatives to fly home for dedication administrations.

The uncommon assault, which left two individuals dead, might have taken a deadlier turn notwithstanding the fast reasoning of the head of a Ribs school and other nearby inhabitants.

As indicated by reports, the bear pursued a few group who had endeavored to save the mother and child before it was lethally shot by an inhabitant. A day to day dispatch by The Frozen North Division of Public Wellbeing at first said:

“Beginning reports demonstrate that a polar bear had entered the local area and had pursued different inhabitants. The bear lethally went after a grown-up female and adolescent male.”

In additional updates, The Frozen North Division of Public Wellbeing said that Officers and the Gold country Branch of Fish and Game have shown up in the modest community of Ribs following the misfortune:

“Officers and The Frozen North Branch of Fish and Game are attempting to go to Ribs as weather patterns allow…The US Fish and Untamed life Administration has been advised of the occurrence. Recently, a The Frozen North State Officer and a delegate from the Gold country Branch of Fish and Game ventured out to Grains to explore the polar bear assault that happened yesterday.”
The assertion further proceeded:

“The remaining parts of Myomick and Ongtowasruk were shipped to the State Clinical Analyst’s Office for post-mortem examination. The examination uncovered that Myomick and Ongtowasruk were strolling between the school and the center when the bear went after them.”

As per media reports, the assault occurred at the front entry of the Kingikmiut School working while Summer Myomick and Clyde Ongtowasruk were strolling to the nearby center. As the severe assault occurred, local area individuals and workers from the school attempted to drive the polar bear off with scoops.

In any case, the endeavor misfired as the polar bear pursued them back into the school. The school’s chief quickly chosen to close the school entryways to hold the bear back from causing more harm.