T.J. Holmes Grew Closer to Amy Robach When He ‘Was Very Much There’ for Her amid ‘Heartache’: Source

The connection between Great Morning America’s Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes developed after he helped her through a troublesome time. Talking about the pair’s relationship, a source solely tells Individuals, “Amy was going through a despair and TJ was a lot of there for herself and supportive, and that is the point at which they began something.”

The GMA 3 co-anchors’ relationship was freely uncovered on Wednesday when photographs surfaced of them clasping hands in a vehicle, partaking in an excursion in upstate New York and cozying up at a bar in New York City. The insider says that Robach, 49, and Holmes, 45, “had no disgrace going out together and have been openly doing this any more than a month.”

The source adds that the pair’s relationship was “the most terrible kept secret in ABC News.” “Staff members are exceptionally astounded it took this long to emerge,” the insider adds.

“Everybody was choosing not to see since they didn’t need the discussion encompassing the show.” A rep at ABC News didn’t quickly answer Individuals’ solicitation for input.

A source recently let Individuals know that there was no cross-over between the GMA co-anchors’ sentiment and their separate relationships.

“This was two consenting grown-ups who were each isolated. The two of them parted ways with their companions in August not long after one another,” the insider said of Robach and Holmes, who has been hitched to lawyer Marilee Fiebig starting around 2010. “The relationship didn’t begin until after that.”

The insider said that Robach, who wedded entertainer Andrew Shue in 2010, has “got nothing to stow away,” adding, “They were both isolated so they felt entirely happy with dating in the open after that. Their life partners had moved out, even! So they were not concealing anything.”

Holmes joined the GMA group in 2014 and promptly struck up a nearby association with Robach. She recently enlightened Individuals regarding their kinship.

“[They] said, ‘Hello, we need to welcome on a co-anchor. What is your take of T.J. Holmes?’ And I nearly dropped out of my seat,” she said. “My God. You could never have picked a superior individual to request me my thought process from, on the grounds that we’ve been attempting to sort out a method for cooperating for in a real sense the most recent five years.”

Robach likewise enlightened Individuals concerning their twofold dates with Shue and Fiebig. “The second he began at ABC, I think we recently clicked.

We’ve gone on lots of twofold dates with our mates and my girls watch little girls.”

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