“TAEYANG X BLACKPINK teasing game won’t stop here”: Taeyang shares how he feels about the BLACKPINK members teasing him

On January 16, Taeyang shared how he truly had an outlook on the BLACKPINK individuals prodding him in a meeting with 1thek Firsts.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang was beforehand a piece of YG Diversion, which focuses to his profound fellowship with the individuals from BLACKPINK. On December 26, 2022, Taeyang marked an agreement with THE Dark Name, an alternate organization. As the icon delivered his first single Energy in quite a while as a team with BTS’ Jimin, the individuals Jisoo and Jennie started exhibiting their help for the BIGBANG part by prodding him.

BLACKPINK individuals Jisoo and Jenni have prodded the symbol on different events, from remarking on his Instagram presents on impersonating him at their shows. Their companionship generally gives pleasure to the fanatics of the symbols. After catching wind of the cute collaboration between the two BLACKPINK individuals and Taeyang, one fan tweeted:

At the point when Taeyang dropped a post on his Instagram illuminating fans that Energy had been delivered, Jennie remarked on the post that she missed him without a doubt. No one but fans could comprehend the reason why this assertion from Jennie was silly. She was prodding him for something he had recently said at a show to his fans.

At one of the shows, he displayed his affection for his fans by saying, “See you soon, I love you,” and more in a very comedic way. Individuals from BLACKPINK have kept on emulating it since those words turned into an image when the symbol addressed his fans.

Jisoo prodded him too, yet another way. She presented that she’s tuning in on the music delivered by the Wedding Dress vocalist alongside her inward image by remarking Yeoreobun. The English significance of “yeoreobun” suggests “everybody.” She’s introducing her godlike object’s music to everybody. Rose additionally preferred the post about the symbol. The Inward Image is a return to the second when the symbol tended to his fans as Yeoreobun, meaning Everybody.

BLACKPINK individuals have been seen at various shows prodding and impersonating Taeyang by duplicating the manner in which he tends to his fans and the manner in which he sings. Jennie and Jisoo are especially notable for continually emulating the BIGBANG artist on their shows. After this prodding, the icon at long last uncovered how he had an outlook on the BLACKPINK part prodding him in a meeting with the 1theK Unique show Find Me. The symbol likewise participated in IDDP.

IDDP is a South Korean show where icons read their continuous random data on various web-based pages and give their responses to it. While Taeyang was looking over a well known gathering site named TheQoo, one of the posts expressed how BLACKPINK individuals continually duplicate his good tidings. At the point when the Energy artist saw the entertaining images, he remarked that he had no clue they were so focused on them.

The BIGBANG part proceeded to make sense of that various recordings would show up on his feed due to the web-based entertainment calculation. He was flabbergasted to see them imitating somebody like him. The vocalist was subsequently requested by the host from the show how he had an outlook on BLACKPINK individuals prodding him, to which he answered that it gave him blended sentiments. The symbol remarked:

The icon likewise uncovered that BLACKPINK has consistently gone to his performance shows and consistently visited him behind the stage. Around then, the individuals had the propensity for replicating the things he did in his performance shows. He proceeded with that individuals probably recollected then that copying him was entertaining.

Taeyang believed their cling to be that of a kin relationship, so he wouldn’t fret when they prodded him on different events. As the symbol proceeded to peruse the remarks, he additionally concurred that indeed, the individuals are charming and they are awesome.

While fanatics of the Energy vocalist and BLACKPINK individuals saw the meeting in which the previous communicated his sentiments about the last option prodding him, they felt free to their sentiments on Twitter, posting a progression of recordings and posts wherein they had recently prodded him.

Albeit the BIGBANG part left YG Diversion, his companionship is as yet unchanged with the Pink Toxin vocalists, setting another norm for K-pop symbols and fans by demonstrating the way that even artists from various offices can remain old buddies.

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