‘Tales Of The Walking Dead’: Samantha Morton Makes Unsettling Return As Dee In Sneak Peek

Samantha Morton has returned to The Walking Dead universe, rehashing her occupation as Alpha in an all-new episode of Tales of the Walking Dead, an assortment series exploring various lives and records of the zombie apocalypse. Before Sunday’s presentation of “Dee,” which looks at how the individual in the end transformed into the fan-#1, ET has a prohibitive sneak look of the episode.

In the fasten, Dee (Morton) is resisted by another buddy, Brooke (Lauren Glazier), who has become enchanted with her daughter, Lydia (Scarlett Blum). Brooke is stressed over how Dee is raising her young lady and giving her a young that seems to be the world before the episode – – something Dee normally knows is foolish.

“Lydia essentially not so straightforwardly prompted me that her birthday is coming up. I trust she’s onto us,” Brooke expresses, preceding asking Dee, “Help me with her party. She justifies a charming treat.”

Exactly when Dee puzzles over the choice about whether to reply, Brooke reproaches her by prompting her that it’s been over a year since they’ve taken both of them in. “We’ve allowed a sizable measure of opportunity to change. Kids need structure. They need the same old thing, plans, rules and merriments. They’re huge,” Brooke says.

Again, Dee is at this point hesitant, figuring out that she’s “worried about setting [Lydia’s] suppositions exorbitantly high.” And while Brooke continues to give Dee inconvenience about her supporting style, Dee gets an unsafe hunt in her eye…

Accounts of the Walking Dead
Created by Tales showrunner Channing Powell and composed by Michael E. Satrazemis, the episode returns quickly in order to one year after Dee has killed her soul mate, Lydia’s father, just a brief time after the zombie discharge up. In the days since, she’s been endeavoring to recover her daughter’s trust while in like manner protecting her from this new, savage world they see themselves as in.

After Lydia turns into a nearby acquaintence with Brooke, Dee is constrained to pick what’s more huge for her young lady: “Keeping up the demonstration of the surrendered, shy mother to keep her young lady ecstatic or preparing her young lady the very stuff to continue to take in this world?”

While every autonomous episode of the side task is expected to research currently untold records of new characters, like ones played by Terry Crews and Parker Posey, Morton is the simply remaining portion from the primary series. Returning for this weirdo has offered her an opportunity to polish off Alpha’s story finally.

“I was obliterated when Alpha died,” the performer said at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, adding that she’s grateful to get the potential chance to share a prequel story about her character. “This is a task that must be depicted as epic.”

Accounts of the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC, with episodes moreover spilling on AMC

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