“That’s scary and sad”: Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s pregnancy announcement leaves netizens concerned

Chrisean Rock recently reported that she is anticipating a child with Blueface.

After the notorious dramatization that occurred during the meeting, where Rock was in a real sense got by security and shown the entryway, Chrisean has now shaken the world with the insight about her pregnancy. She reported the news through her Instagram stories, where she transferred an image of several pregnancy tests, and composed:

Furthermore, she transferred a couple of additional recordings of herself in the clinic, where she went for a couple of tests. Chrisean should be visible cooperating with the staff before the test, and inquiring as to whether she would have the option to hear the child’s pulse as of now.

She likewise transferred recordings of herself feeling close to home in the wake of getting to be aware from the medical clinic staff that she truly is pregnant.

The fresh insight about Rock’s pregnancy has astounded netizens, a large number of whom have taken to the web to communicate their shock. One client composed:

“Hellll nahhhhh.. that is terrifying and miserable.”

Soon after Chrisean Rock declared the fresh insight about her pregnancy, Blueface dropped one more bomb via virtual entertainment, asserting that he isn’t the dad of the child and that the two have separated.

In an underlying post, he discussed their separation and said:

“To address you all questions yes me a stone are formally done it’s on the up and up I attempted it an obviously it wasn’t giving before she reports… she’s pregnant with another person’s kid not mine.”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship has forever been at the center of attention. This time, nonetheless, online entertainment clients are more worried than any other time, as many believe their relationship to be antagonistic and poisonous. One client remarked on the news and said:

While numerous netizens praised the new mother, most virtual entertainment clients are of the conviction that the news is simply adding more fuel to the fire for the couple.