The Last of Us gets new Google easter egg

HBO’s The Remainder of Us is in many cases considered a magnum opus with only two episodes. In addition to the fact that watchers appreciating are the show, however Google, as well, has jumped onto the pattern.

The Remainder of Us depends on the 2013 computer game of a similar name created by Mischievous Canine. Pedro Pascal stars as Joel, a moderately aged man tormented by a horrifying past. His errand is to sneak a 14-year-old young lady named Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, across the US. They are likewise joined by a lady named Tess, who is a dear companion of Joel’s.

Ellie is impervious to the cordyceps disease that is cleared off the Earth and may hold the key to fostering the antibody expected to resuscitate it.

Investigate how Google honored the hit show. Google is frequently known to put out cool-looking hidden treats connected with mainstream society and diversion on occasion, and this time they did it for the new HBO series. In the event that you search “The Remainder of Us” on Google, you will be welcomed with an enchanting shock.

At the point when you type “The Remainder of Us” on Google, a red mushroom shows up at the lower part of the screen. The mushroom starts contaminating your telephone’s screen when you tap on it. The mushroom is an organism that spreads cordyceps contamination. The more you tap on it, the more contaminated your cellphone screen gets.

At the point when you maximize, you will see your whole screen loaded up with the disease, exactly like what we find in the HBO show and Underhanded Canine computer games. Cordyceps is a parasitic contagious disease in The Remainder of Us universe that has caused the finish of mankind.

Jerry Anderson, a person from the computer game, depicts Cordyceps as,

“The antigenic titers of the patient’s Cordyceps stay high in both the serum and the cerebrospinal liquid. Blood societies taken from the patient quickly develop Cordyceps in contagious media in the lab.”
Google has frequently put out intriguing hidden goodies like Atari Breakout, Zerg Rush, Pacman, Google 1998, Do a Barrel Roll, and so forth. The 2023 show has seen some awesome marketing methods in the beyond couple of days. How about we keep a watch out what’s next in store from the hit HBO show.

The HBO show begins in 2003, when a horrible contagious contamination caused a worldwide pandemic, marking mankind’s destruction. After twenty years, just a small bunch endure when Joel, a thug living in the Boston quarantine zone, meets a 14-year-old Ellie. The youngster is safe to disease and is the main desire to restore mankind from the hooks of a mass parasitic contamination called ‘Cordyceps,’ which makes people creature like.

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“In light of the widely praised computer game The Remainder of Us, created by Wicked Canine for the PlayStation stages, the story happens twenty years after current human progress has been annihilated. Joel, a solidified survivor, is recruited to pirate Ellie, a 14-year-old young lady, out of a harsh quarantine zone. Which begins as a little occupation before long turns into a fierce, grievous excursion, as the two of them should cross the U.S. furthermore, rely upon one another for endurance.”

It was made by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, with Carolyn Strauss, Evan Wells, Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan, and Rose Lam filling in as its leader makers.